GE reveal® LED light bulbs

GE reveal® LED bulbs illuminate a color enhanced spectrum of light with the added benefits of long-life, up to 80% energy savings compared to incandescent bulbs, dimmable functionality, and instant brightness.
Watch these videos to learn more: GE reveal® LED 60W | GE reveal® LED BR30 65W

GE reveal® Bright from the Start® CFL light bulbs

Achieve full, beautiful brightness the moment you flip the switch. Make colors and patterns pop while using 75% less energy. These last 8 times longer than an incandescent bulb, so you'll change them less often.

GE reveal® track & recessed light bulbs

The clean, beautiful® light of GE reveal® bulbs brings out colors and patterns. And GE reveal® CFLs make colors pop while providing the energy efficiency and long life of a compact fluorescent.
Watch these videos to learn more: Installing the reveal® LED Downlight | GE reveal® R30 65W

GE reveal® vanity & pendant light bulbs

GE reveal® technology creates clean, beautiful light™ that brings out colors and patterns. The GE reveal® family includes long-lasting, energy efficeint GE reveal® CFLs, great for vanities or pendant lamps.
Watch this video to learn more: GE reveal® G25

GE reveal® linear fluorescent light bulbs

GE reveal® linear fluorescent bulbs provide warm, inviting light and make colors and patterns pop.

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