GE LED Headlamps - FAQs


The GE LED Headlamp is designed to be a direct drop in replacement to Sealed Beam Products.


The GE LED Headlamp uses an array of LEDs with a color temperature of approximately 5600 Kelvin.


The 4”X6” (165mm) system is in development and should be available before 2014.


YES. The GE LED Headlamp exceeds the DOT requirements for on road use.


The GE LED Headlamps produces a similar amount of light to 55 watt halogen product however, because LEDs are more efficient, the LED Headlamp uses less power.


Most Headlamps are held in place with a simple trim ring. Installation varies per vehicle, but on average, our experience has shown it is about a 15 to 30 minute installation.


High-intensity discharge lamps produce light by means of an electric arc. Unfortunately, the arc produces light that is difficult to control. This often results in a light that is offensive to oncoming drivers due to the glare. The LED beam is controlled, so you do not have this issue.


The GE LED lens is made from Lens Grade polycarbonate which contains a UV additive to help resist the harmful effects of the Sun's UV rays. There is also a hardcoat added to the lens. This hard coat material contains a high-tech abrasion resistant coating which adds additional protection.


The GE LED headlamp has a very bright beam pattern however; the Low Beam “cutoff” is very sharp. This “cutoff” of upward light results in very little light being cast into the eyes of oncoming drivers.