Frequently Asked Questions


Wink is the quick and simple way to connect you and the products you rely on every day in your home. You can manage products from multiple brands in a single app, allowing you to select the products that are right for your life.


When you first connect the Wink HUB to your Wi-Fi router, your mobile device will make a direct connection to the Wink HUB. After this initial connection, all communication between your mobile device and the Wink HUB pass through Wink's cloud services to maintain a connection wherever you are.


To wirelessly connect GE Link lighting to the Wink app on your mobile device, use one of the following supported HUBs:

  • Wink HUB
  • Wink Relay (available Fall 2014)
  • Link Hub (available in early 2015)


The light on the front of the Wink HUB is used to show the current status of the HUB.

The HUB has 3 normal states:

  • Flashing pink — disconnected from the Wi-Fi network and waiting for credentials (configuration mode)
  • Flashing yellow — attempting to connect to your Wi-Fi network and Wink
  • Solid blue — connected to Wink

The HUB may also show these states:

  • Flashing blue — pairing or removing a HUB device
  • Long red flash after flashing blue — device failed to pair or be removed
  • Long green flash after flashing blue — device successfully paired or removed
  • Brief green flash — connected device changed state (for example, light turned on)


The HUB should be located at least 3 feet away from any other Wi-Fi device (including the router). Position your HUB in a centralized location that minimizes the distance between the Wink HUB and your connected devices.

Stone, tile, mirrors, and large metal surfaces tend to interfere with wireless communication. Try to avoid placing your Wink HUB in locations that place these surfaces between the HUB and your connected devices.

If possible, locate your HUB in an open space at least 3 feet above the floor. Avoid cabinets when possible.


WEP networks can often be identified by the network password. If your password is exactly 10 or 26 characters long and only contains hexadecimal characters (0-9 and a-f), it is likely your network is configured with WEP security. Your network will need to be changed to WPA security before connecting the Wink HUB.


No. Once the power or Internet connection is restored, the Wink HUB and Link light bulb will reconnect.


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