GE Vanity & Pendant Lighting for Your Home

The Technology to Make a Lasting Impression

GE vanity and pendant lights deliver the technology, design and outstanding lighting quality to enhance your living spaces. So, whether you're installing a dramatic hanging pendant in your kitchen or lighting up a glamorous makeup mirror in your bathroom, GE offers a wide range of brilliant, energy-efficient solutions, including:
  • long-lasting energy smart® LED light bulbs,
  • a full range of energy-efficient GE reveal® CFL lights,
  • long-lasting energy smart® CFL bulbs, and
  • halogen cut crystal vanity lights.

With GE vanity and pendant lighting, you can expect the best of form and function.

GE has tools to help you with your design projects at home. View videos and learn more about your home lighting style.

GE LED vanity & pendant bulbs

GE reveal® light bulbs

GE Energy-Efficient reveal<sup>®</sup> Vanity & Pendant Lighting

GE reveal® technology creates clean, beautiful light™ that brings out colors and patterns. The GE reveal® family includes long-lasting, energy efficeint GE reveal® CFLs, great for vanities or pendant lamps that are left on for long periods of time.

GE halogen light bulbs

GE Halogen Vanity & Pendant Lighting

GE halogen technology delivers bright, crisp™ light that's also long lasting.

GE energy smart® CFL light bulbs

GE energy smart<sup>®</sup> spiral<sup>®</sup> CFL Vanity & Pendant Lighting

The GE energy smart® Globe CFLs feature a GE Spiral® bulb on the inside that uses 75% less energy and lasts up to 5 times longer than incandescent globes.