40 Watt Replacement Light Bulbs

The Technology and Know-How to Provide Cozy, Relaxing Light

For a soft glow, 40-watt light bulb replacements — or 400 to 599 lumens — create cozy, relaxing light™, setting the right ambiance for enjoying quiet time. With energy-saving and long-lasting GE energy smart® CFLs and LEDs, you can create a relaxing atmosphere and relax knowing that you're saving money on energy each time you flip the switch.

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Outdoor 40 Watt Replacement Light Bulbs

Create an intimate, charming outdoor space with a range of energy-saving options.

Indoor Directional

Track & Recessed 40 Watt Replacement Light Bulbs

Create relaxing style with light when you illuminate large spaces like a vaulted great room, or highlight a focal point in your living space.