I pLEDge to realize deeper energy savings, to do my part to protect the environment, and to save time and money year after year after year.

I pLEDge to make a small change, a change that’ll give me extra money for lattes, for movie night, for the vacation fund… and I pLEDge to not spend a lot of money or time making that change.

I pLEDge to swap at least 1 light bulb for an LED1 at home, and with the energy I save I’ll be able to watch nearly 200 episodes of my favorite hour-long TV shows, microwave 3 two-minute meals per day for an entire year, and power many other things.

I pLEDge to switch to all-around exceptional light. I pLEDge to switch to LED.

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By Clicking Here, I pLEDge.

1Based on using one 60-watt ENERGY STAR® LED 3 hours per day for 22.8 years