Take the pLEDge and Save!

Did you know that changing just one light bulb to an LED could save you as much as $130 in energy costs? Take the Earth Day pLEDge to go LED!


One LED, One Big Difference

One LED, One BIG Difference

Do you know the impact of changing just one traditional light bulb to an LED bulb? See how a small change can help drive a big difference. Plus, check out the cities that are excelling at LED adoption.

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10 Ways to Save Energy

10 Ways to Save Energy at Home

Reducing energy usage around the home will save you money and help the planet too. Here’s a look at 10 easy ways to go green at home. These little changes can add up to big savings!

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Light the Moment

Light the Moment with ENERGY STAR®

Join GE & EPA ENERGY STAR in the national effort to replace 300 million bulbs with ENERGY STAR certified LED bulbs. ENERGY STAR bulbs are certified to deliver the high quality performance, energy savings, and environmental benefits you expect.

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