Surround Your Home in Cozy Comfort

Cozy dining room containing a chandelier, drapes and area rug with warm color palette.
Particularly during the wintertime in colder climates, there's nothing like the warm, snuggly comforts of home. Whether it's holiday entertaining or just kicking back and relaxing, you can create a tranquil, cozy mood with these lighting and décor tips.
  • Try a color palette consisting of warm earth tones like browns, greens, and yellows – let nature be your guide.
  • Use lighting on the warm end of color temperature spectrum to create a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere.
  • Put general overhead or ambient lights on a dimmer so you can control the level of coziness.
  • Create warmth with insulating floor-length drapes and area rugs to protect your feet from chilly hardwood floors.
  • Add in overstuffed pillows and decorative throws to amp up the comfy cozy factor.

Cozy dining room containing a chandelier, drapes and area rug.

Tableside Tranquility

When coordinated with a traditional brass chandelier, sconces add an appealing décor accent along with a layer of ambient light – the perfect soft glow for a gathering with cherished friends and family.

Create this cozy setting:

Home decorated outdoor holiday lights.

Welcoming Winter Wonderland

Give your home a warm, welcoming glow by uplighting trees and exterior holiday décor. Also directly shine floodlights on your home to create a halo effect that softens architectural features. Draw people in by placing lights along pathways and place decorative candle lights in your windows.

Create this cozy outdoor scene:

Post light on outdoor wall of home creating dynamic shadows.

Warm Glow from the Get Go

Use warmly lit carriage and post lights outdoors to offer a warm greeting the minute loved one arrive. Added bonus: the designs and shadows cast onto your home create stunning visual appeal.

Create this cozy greeting:

Classic bronze chandelier with rustic features for a focal point.

Illuminate & Captivate

More than a light source, chandeliers have the power to create a decorative focal point that enhance the atmosphere in any room. Choose classic brass or rustic fixtures to enhance the cozy factor. The addition of a dimmer switch allows light to be adjusted for any occasion.

Create this cozy glow:

Freshly baked cookies on display under spotlight.

Smooth the Senses

Remember that creating cozy comfort involves engaging all the senses. Combine the visual appeal of warm light with the scents from freshly baked cookies and desserts. Don't hide treats in plastic containers: spotlight and display them on a beautiful serving platter for everyone to share. Add in a little soft, soothing music and a roaring fire – that's an atmosphere ready for relaxation.

Create a glowing dessert display:

Cups of hot cocoa and smores ingredients in front of fireplace.

Fireside Family Fun

Focus your family fun night around your fireplace. Grab some chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers, and make s'mores just like you would over a bonfire. Put on your pajamas and slippers. Pile up pillows and cuddly blankets. Then, grab some board games or pop in a movie. For an extra special touch, make steaming cups of hot cocoa using real chocolate and sprinkle with graham crackers.