Redecorate by Relighting: Fill Your Home with LED Replacement Bulbs

A front view of a home beautifully lit on the inside and outside.

If you're an LED newbie, you've probably experimented with one or two LED light bulbs throughout your home. Now that LEDs come in all shapes and sizes for nearly every fixture in your home, you can do a complete, cost-effective LED makeover with ease. Whether it's for your table lamps, chandeliers, or track and recessed fixtures, we've got LED light bulbs for your home.

A bathroom with GE reveal LED bulbs above the sink.    

Mood-Changing Bathrooms

Your bathroom is a space where you want bright light to help you wake up in the morning and soft mood light to wind down at night. Putting your lighting on a dimmer will create the best of both worlds. GE reveal® LED bulbs offer instant brightness (good morning!), dimmable functionality (good night!), long-life and up to 80% energy savings compared to incandescent bulbs. Plus, they bring the true beauty of your bath to life by filtering out dingy yellow tones.

A brightly lit kitchen with track lighting.    

Perfect Meal-Making in the Kitchen

The recipe says to bring the sauce to a boil. But what you're seeing is more of a simmer. Or is it? Don't let poor lighting be the cause of cooking mistakes. LED light bulbs are great for kitchens because of their specific zone lighting. Try LED track lighting or recessed lighting in your kitchen with GE LED replacement floodlights. And, because your kitchen is probably the most popular space in your home, they're also perfect for hard-to-reach sockets that are frequently left on.

A cozy bedroom with a table lamp on a night stand    

Cozy On Up to LEDs in the Bedroom

Your bed is soft and cozy so shouldn't your lighting style match? Illuminate your bedroom with the soft, warm light of GE LED general purpose light bulbs. They're made to fit table lamps, sconces and open fixtures and help create the right mood for your bedtime routine, from reading to watching TV to whispering sweet nothings.

Close up shot of a dramatically lit chandelier.    

LEDs Bring out the Master Decorator in You

Let your imagination run wild with GE LED decorative lighting bulbs. From dramatic dining room chandeliers to hallway sconces and fixtures where the bulb is visible, you can expect the best of form and function. When they're off, they add a decorative touch. When they're on, their long life and low energy use help save money on energy.

View of an open floor plan with several plants.    

Go Really Green with energy efficient LED Lighting for Plant Life

Do you have plants in most of your rooms? You'll be pleased to know that the greenery in your home benefits from LED lighting. According to, LEDs are great for encouraging plant growth, since they emit a lot of light efficiently without producing heat that could damage your plants. You still need to water them, though. We can't help you with that.