Mix and Match Styles for a One-Of-A-Kind Style

Eclectic dining room containing a chandelier trimmed in branches, mix and match chairs, dynamic sconce and a unique color palette.
Do you have a penchant for blending antiques and garage sale finds with contemporary pieces? Thoughtfully put together, your home is a striking and interesting museum of sorts – carefully balancing the tension between contrasting styles. These lighting and décor tips are just for you.
  • Really add depth to décor with an assortment of lighting sources: Mixing ambient, overhead and accent lighting highlights the treasures placed throughout your home.
  • Mix contemporary light fixtures and then embellish them with something more traditional like a stained glass table lamp or a vintage sconce.
  • Showcase your favorite exotic finds with spotlights to make them look their absolute best.
  • Let your creativity be your guide with your color palette – with eclectic taste there really are no boundaries.

Eclectic dining room containing a chandelier trimmed in branches with mix and match chairs.

Dynamic Dining Rooms

In the dining room, mix and match chairs, plates, serving dishes and even silverware around dinning tables to create a unique look. Find ways to transform existing décor and fixtures to make a statement. Sconces and chandeliers are both opportunities to personalize style. Find ways to weave in pine limbs, glass bulbs and garland for a dramatic holiday display.

Create this eclectic setting:

Snowflake inspired bronze wall sconce casting dramatic shadows.

Deck Your Walls with Light

Search garage sales, antique stores and thrift stores for unique lighting fixtures that aren't necessarily seasonal décor, but give the impression of winter or holiday. This wall sconce, while not a typical holiday decoration, looks like a snowflake and casts dramatic shadows on the wall.

Create this eclectic wall display:

Joy letters with lights above mantel.

Eye-Catching at Eye Level

A fireplace mantel is an ideal place to show off your talent for eclectic design. At eye level, no one will miss the creation only you can dream up. If you have a mirror above your mantel, add holiday string lights. The reflection off the mirror will maximize the light's reach and create a magical effect.

Create this eye-catching effect:

Unique floor lamp creating mesmerizing patterns on wall.

Make a Statement with Lamps

Look for lamps with unique, interesting patterns on their shades that will create mesmerizing patterns on your walls. For a more varied home lighting look, don't be afraid to use different shades or styles of lamps in a room. An eclectic style never requires a perfect match.

Create this eclectic statement:

Holiday tablescape utilizing treasures in home.

Reuse and Reinvent

Recreating the same table settings year after year is fine for some people, but not you. With your ability to weave things together, you can use most anything in your home to recreate a different look every year. Integrate fresh, green plants, customized decanters and glasses, fun coasters and napkins with your traditional treasures to transform your tablescapes.

Tip for your eclectic décor: