Make a Splash with Current Trends

A photo montage featuring décor landscapes with the Pantone 2015 color, Marsala.
Restyling your home to be in vogue shouldn't make you sweat. These simple tips can really make your home stand out in 2015. Don't forget that the right lighting makes everything look its very best. GE reveal® light bulbs are a great choice to punch up patterns and enhance the vibrancy of colors.

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Close-up image of cherries featuring Color of the Year 2015, Marsala.Pantone 2015 color of the year:
Marsala, a deep wine-like red that's elegant, welcoming and sophisticated.

Mirror, Mirror on Your Wall

Mirrors have most commonly been used in bathrooms and bedrooms. Today, more and more people are using mirrors as decorative pieces, from fun and funky to contemporary or traditional. Mirrors with unique shapes and sizes and embellished frames can help create visual interest on any wall in your home, while reflecting beautiful light and making rooms appear larger.

A photo montage featuring rooms with several different styles of mirrors.

Something New from Something Old

One of today's easiest makeovers is to cover old artwork to create something eclectic and fresh. Use the old canvas (maybe something hidden away that you've had since your college days!) as your “blank canvas” and paint over it in one of today's hottest colors or a mix of colors. For added texture, lay down strips of electrical or duct tape first and then paint over them. To bring your artwork to life, use reveal® in your light sources, especially track and recessed lighting fixtures.

A photo montage featuring rooms with several different types of canvases, repainted to give for a fresh, new look.

Surprising Touches of Texture

Textured walls are making a huge comeback and can be as engaging as a new piece of art. For an easy, yet striking makeover, use textured wallpaper or paint to transform a plain wall into something bold, beautiful and unexpected. Materials like metal, wood, ribbon, lace, sand and leather can really help you create something that's personal to your home.

A photo montage featuring rooms with textured wallpaper and décor accents.

The Star of the Room

Invest in one knockout piece of furniture or lighting fixture that can own a room all by itself. Keep the surrounding landscape clean and simple and add accent lighting so your new focal point really shines. GE reveal® bulbs are available for all layers of lighting, including accent, ambient and task lighting.

A photo montage that demonstrates lighting and various types of furniture acting as central focal points in décor landscapes.

Color Your World with Accents

Saturated colors and rich accents are one of the latest trends in home decorating. Integrate today's popular hues using fun accents like rugs, throws, pillows or lamps—even a beautiful bowl of red fruit is a simple way to bring the 2015 color of the year into your home.

Use GE reveal® light to bring your home to life.

A photo montage showing how marsala-colored décor accents can be integrated into rooms.