Lighting Tips to Improve Your Pics


Turn your photos from “meh” to “wow” with these simple lighting ideas. Whether you're snapping a pic of yourself, your furry friends or your scrumptious meals, create social media-worthy shots that get more likes and oohs and aahs.

Woman taking selfie with smart phone.    

Snap the Best Selfie

36% of people have admitted to retouching their selfies! Get it right the first time with these simple tricks.

  • If you're inside, position yourself so that your light source is behind your camera. Avoid direct overhead lighting (or you'll wind up with dark shadows under your eyes) and don't use a flash.
  • Most people photograph best under warm light, so use soft mood light bulbs to flatter your skin tone, like GE energy efficient soft white bulbs.
  • Angle your camera slightly above yourself to appear slimmer.
  • Finally, please don't do the pouty duck face. Please.

A bowl of macaroni and cheese.    

Say Cheese!

Sometimes, a gourmet mac and cheese really does beg to be photographed. If you often pick up your camera phone before picking up your fork, follow these easy tips to shoot more appealing food photos.

  • Most professional food photographers agree that natural, indirect light is the way to go (meaning a window where the sun isn't shining directly in).
  • Place your light to the side of or behind your plate (avoid direct overhead lighting). This technique creates a magazine-like quality.
  • Turn off all the lights in the room other than your one light source, and snap away.
  • Now, you can pick up your fork.

A woman taking a picture of her dog.    

Awwwww, He's Soooooo Cute and Cuddly!

Do you love sharing photos of your cat or dog? Now, you can capture their cuteness without a lot of fuss.

  • To show the sharpest details, like the eyes and fur, position your light source to the side of your pet rather than straight on.
  • To further enhance your pet's sweet features, try GE reveal® bulbs during your furry photo sessions.
  • Reward your favorite companion with a snack.

A mother and father snapping a picture with their two young daughters.    

Holiday Greetings & Grins

If you're already thinking about your holiday photo card, here are some easy ways to create a photo your friends and family will love.

  • Look for simple backgrounds without a lot of distractions.
  • Outdoor photos are best taken during the magic hour – the hour after sunrise or the hour before sunset.
  • For indoor photos, use soft, warm lighting to make facial features look their best. Remove the shades from the lamps you're using. Position one light in front and to the side of your family. Place a second light a little farther back from your family to add dimension.
  • Make sure everyone's outfits have a similar color tone. Solids photograph really well, but avoid bright colors because they'll make your skin appear pale. Patterns work, too, as long as your backdrop is simple.
  • Sign, seal and deliver.