Light What You Love To Do

Illustration with six avatars representing people that enjoy various hobbies or activities. The avatars are named as follows: The Gamer,The Foodie, The Crafter, The Exerciser, The Fixer,The Bookworm
Use the amazing power of lighting to help you make the most of your favorite activities. Save a few bucks when you dive into your ultimate pastime thanks to GE's ultra-efficient LED lighting.

See how much you can save when you make the switch with this LED Savings Calculator.

Image of man holding a video game controller.


Video gamers may differ in their particular passion, but they all have one thing in common: in order to stay in the game, the right lighting is critical. In particular, plenty of ambient or general illumination can help you remain clear-eyed and on-target.

Image of kitchen.


While the foodie's end game is the dinner table, kitchen prep areas are where the magic happens. And that calls for the right combination of ambient and task lighting. Task lighting fuels focus during preparation, while general illumination can enhance the appetizing appeal of your culinary creations. GE reveal® lighting is a great lighting choice for the foodie, because it makes everything look its absolute best.

Image of man sitting at a drafting table.


Whether it sewing, scrap-booking, jewelry-making, or just being creative with popsicle sticks, crafters find peace-of-mind and Zen-like satisfaction in their work. The key to keeping the good vibes flowing is having the right light to remain focused. Especially when you need to pay close attention to colors and patterns, it's the right time for the clean, beautiful light® of GE reveal®.

Image of home gym.


The exerciser hits the ground running in life with their dedication to raising their heart rate. Whether your thing is weight lifting, yoga or running on an treadmill, an ample supply of ambient lighting is essential. Think of it this way: When was the last time someone suggested you work out in the dark? Never. Bright light can help keep a hop in your step so you're focused and alert.

Image of woman sitting at a workbench.


Building a new coffee table, reviving an old appliance or remodeling an outdated bathroom – the fixer always has a master plan. The garage or workshop that houses all the tools for the task should offer ample ambient and task lighting. The right illumination not only allows you to keep your nose to the grindstone, but it also helps you nail the details so your projects always turn out amazing.

Image of woman sitting on a couch, reading a book.


The great works, poetry, magazines, and online news: the bookworm can't get enough of the written word. With so many ways to read – mobile devices, tablets and good old printed publications – the right lighting is everything. Ambient light aplenty along with a handy reading light in your favorite kick-back space and you're set. Remember to make sure light shines on your pages or device and not in your eyes.

* Calculations based on replacing 60W general incandescent bulbs with 11W general purpose LEDs, using the bulb 3 hours/day at an electricity rate of $0.11kWh.
**Calculations based on replacing 75W general incandescent bulbs with 14W general purpose LEDs, using the bulb 3 hours/day at an electricity rate of $0.11kWh.