Fun & Functional Lighting Ideas for Kids' Bedrooms

A child's bedroom with a variety of lighting.

Your child's bedroom is a multi-functional room, from morning to night (and sometimes in the middle of the night!). Here are some unique and interesting ways to make sure you have the right lighting.

A boy sleeping with a nightlight glowing behind him.    

Light Up the Night—Just a Little

Does your little (or big) one wake up often in the middle of the night? A nightlight, like a GE LED nightlight bulb, can help create subtle and reassuring light. Allow your child to pick out the light so they can be happy about it. If your child is a little older and self-conscious about having a nightlight, try something that looks a little more grown up, like the glow from a fish tank or lava lamp.

Cute flower lamp on a nightstand.    

Add a Bit of Task Lighting to Inspire Reading and Studying

For homework and bedtime reading, a decorative table lamp on a desk or nightstand is a must. But, don't think traditional lamp and shade. Look for a lamp that matches your child's personality and bedroom décor, from action-figures and princesses to the latest teen idol or superstar athlete. The more creative it is, the more time your child may spend reading or studying!

A blue bedroom with overhead lighting.    

Dimmable Overhead Lighting Sets the Right Tone

When it's time to play or have friends over, bright light helps create energy. When it's time to curl up for the night, take a nap or simply have some alone time (if you have a teen, you get it!), low light creates a calming effect. How can you get both out of your general or ambient overhead lighting? By putting the lights on a dimmer, you or your child can easily adjust them up or down for the mood.

A decorative L-shaped light fixture on a wall.    

Turn Things Up a Notch with Accent and Decorative Lighting

Now that we've covered the basics, try accent lighting, a really fun way to highlight your child's personality. Do you have a Lucas or Lizzy in your bunch? Look at this letter L fixture* we found—what a cute idea to find one that matches your child's name. Or, encourage your child to explore the world with something like this beautiful globe chandelier**.

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