Find the Light That's Right for Your Life

No two people are alike, but we all have a lot in common. And one thing that's true for everyone, regardless of personality, preference or lifestyle, is that lighting and décor influences the way we interact with spaces. Truth: Lighting can make or break our mood. No worries, simple tips and tricks are all it takes to create the right ambiance.
On the Go The kind of person that burns the midnight oil, gladly multi-tasking instead of loafing. Highly motivated people benefit from vibrant color schemes, clean lines in décor and the right balance of layered lighting. Bright Idea: Make sure to have ample ambient or general illumination. Fuel Focus: Pendant lighting makes great task illumination in kitchens. Stay on Task: Up your game with focused task lighting for work surfaces. Great Lights for Get Up & Go: GE's daylight LED floodlight bulbs GE's soft white LED globe bulbs GE's daylight LED general purpose bulbs Take it Slow Sit back, relax and wind down – the type of person that just craves some time to let their mind decompress. Warm color schemes, cozy décor touches and soft lights are the gateway to tranquility. Versatility: A three-way bulb in a bedside fixture lets you take the brightness down for relaxation. Reading Time: Ready to curl up with a good book? Position reading lamps to shine on the pages and not in your eyes. Switch It Up: Ambient lighting on a dimmer allows you to adjust light for every occasion. Great Lights for Taking it Slow: GE's soft white LED floodlight bulbs GE's soft white LED general purpose bulbs GE soft white 3-way bulbs