Chase Away the Winter Blues

Woman drinking out of coffee cup.
This can be a challenging time of the year for lots of people, but these simple tips may help you rise above the blues with a big, bright smile. And remember, there is always light at the end of the dark winter season.

Woman drinking a glass of water.    

Clean the Morning Cobwebs

As soon as you get out of bed, turn on the lights, take several deep breaths, stretch your arms and legs, and drink a glass of water to help you wake up. On days when you just can't get going no matter what you do, some aromatherapy experts recommend scents like eucalyptus, peppermint and lemon to refresh and invigorate your mind.

Woman doing yoga near a fireplace in a living room.    

Get as Much Natural Daylight as Possible

Exposure to daylight, even on a cloudy or snowy day, may help to increase your energy levels. During the day, open all the curtains in your home to let the light pour in—be sure to keep tree branches trimmed so they're not blocking daylight. You can also take short, brisk walks or just sit on a park bench to soak in the light during your free time.

A woman in the background of a brightly lit kitchen.    

Feeling Lackluster? Try More Lumens

The shortage of light in the winter can make anyone feel lethargic. To help turn lazy bones into lively bones, try filling your home with brighter light. When looking for brighter light bulbs, remember that brightness is measured in lumens, not watts—the higher the number, the brighter the bulb.

GE's soft white LEDs: This 14-watt bulb (75-watt replacement) delivers 1100 lumens of energizing light.

Father and son play games together in a living room, while mother quietly reads a book in the background.    

Don't Put Your Interests on the Backburner

It's easy to want to huddle under a blanket and watch TV during chilly, darker months, but don't give up on the activities that give your life more meaning. Make sure you have the right task lighting around your home for motivation to continue with your favorite pastime, whether it's cooking, reading, writing, knitting, making jewelry, playing family games, or exercising.

GE's soft white LEDs: A range of options to fuel your focus.

A kitchen with a lot of décor accents on the warm, sunny end of the color spectrum (reds, yellows, and oranges).    

Bring the Sun Inside

Now that the house is bare of holiday décor, it may feel drab. To lift your spirits, decorate your home in warm colors that mimic the sun like red, orange and yellow. A few little touches can really help you cope, like candles, tablecloths, whimsical pillows, sofa covers, new light fixtures, lamp shades, or colorful artwork. Also place fresh flowers or plants around the house as a reminder of the promise of spring.

GE reveal® bulbs: The perfect choice for making reds and other vibrant colors pop.

A family of five engaging in various activities within a family room, ranging from surfing the internet and playing games to watching television.    

Setting the Right Mood is In Your Hands

During a season when mornings and evenings are usually dark, putting your lights on a dimmer switch keeps you in control. Choose full, bright light when you want the kids to be active and playing; choose mid-level light for movie and popcorn time; then easily switch to low light when it's time to wind down and get ready for bed. With dimmers, you decide how much light your household needs and when.

GE's soft white LEDs: Dimmable light and instant full brightness. Plus, their long life can help get you through more than 13* winters!

* Based on using one 11-watt LED bulbs for 3 hours per day for its 15,000-hour rated life.

The front of a house, brightly illuminated by a variety of outdoor lighting.    

In the Absence of Light, Make Your Home Shine

It's been a long day, you're tired and the streets are dark. Make sure your home's exterior is a welcome sight with spotlights, floodlights and porch lights that are set on a timer so they're on when you get home. The lighting can help create a warm, inviting atmosphere and can even help with tasks like shoveling, taking out the garbage and getting the mail.

Did you know you can even put your indoor lights on a timer to turn on in the morning to kick start your day? Morning, noon or night, make sure your lighting works harder to help you battle the winter blues!