Bring Back the Light in Your Life

A montage of four images of a living room, kitchen and dining area.
You can't control when the sun decides to shine, but you can fight the winter blues with the right décor touches and lighting. Here are a few tips and tricks that can lift your spirits in no time.

A floral bouquet adds an uplifting touch of color to a primarily white and stainless steel kitchen.    


Fresh cut flowers, live plants or other greenery can help make your home feel spring-like, long before the flowers and trees outside begin to bud.

A trendy white ceiling fixture, featuring a round white shade.    


A new light fixture can add cheery optimism to any room. Bring it to life with the fresh, energizing light of GE soft white LEDs.

Stainless steel pendant lighting in kitchen.    


Spend quality time on your favorite hobbies and fuel your focus with GE reveal® in your pendant lighting.

Sunlight streaming through a window.    


Lift your spirits by lifting the shades to let in natural daylight.

A variety of décor accents in a living room.    


New lighting and décor accents, like throw pillows, can brighten up winter days with the warm colors of the sun. Make vibrant colors pop with GE reveal® light bulbs.