Add a Dash of Winter Glam

Dining room with silver tablescape, circular chandeliers and metallic color palette.
Cocktail dresses. Champagne toasts. Lively music. Complete your glamorous lifestyle with these lighting and décor tips that add shimmer and bling to your home – for the holidays and beyond.
  • Extend your love for all that's shiny and sparkly throughout the year with fun light fixtures. There's nothing like a grand light (or two or three) to set a stylish tone.
  • A uniquely placed chandelier reveals the you're the type of decorator that's not afraid to take risks.
  • Put general overhead or ambient lights on a dimmer so you can control the level of coziness.
  • Simple spotlights above counter areas provide focused bright light and create a lively, energetic atmosphere so you can get the party started.
  • A sparkly, metallic color palette with blue jewel tones sets off an electrified atmosphere.

Dining room with beautiful white and silver tablescape, and circular chandeliers.

Sophisticated Tablescape

Create a winter-white table that sets you apart from ever-present red and green décor. A white and silver tablescape with added botanical greenery creates a sophisticated, polished display. To ensure your beautiful table setting is the first thing guests notice, illuminate it with overhead home lighting that reflects your sparkling personality.

Create this glamorous setting:

Crystal globe chandeliers hanging from ceiling.

Lighting Takes Center Stage

More than a light source, chandeliers provide an impressive focal point in any room – the crown jewel in the décor landscape. For those in love with the glamorous life, the more sparkle and shimmer the better.

Create this glamorous atmosphere:

Silver monochromatic holiday décor.

Dashing, Daring Décor

Silvery monochromatic décor is a great way to showcase your style during the holidays. That way, you bring a little of your dazzling personality to traditional celebrations.