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Find the Light That's Right for Your Life

Lighting and the right décor touches have the power to set the mood that's perfect for your lifestyle – whether you're up and at ‘em or the kind of person that likes to relax and chill.

Tricks to Set the Mood

Upcycle Everyday Items Into Extraordinary Light Fixtures

As Mother Nature reinvents herself, here are some fun DIY projects we've spotted to help you reimagine your home lighting fixtures.

Start Reinventing

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Light What You Love To Do

Whether you like to curl up with a good book, refurbish old furniture or pump some iron, the right lighting can help you make the most of your favorite activities. Lighting has the amazing power to fuel your focus, highlight fine details, and make things look more inviting. Plus, you can do it all while cutting your energy spending thanks to GE's ultra-efficient LED lighting.

Get the Right Light

Make a Splash with Current Trends

This year's style includes fresh color palettes, artistic details, a surprising blend of textures and unique light fixtures. Whether you go all in with the hottest styles or subtly feature them in your décor, this series of tips is for anyone who wants to create on-trend spaces with ease.

Explore 2015 Décor Trends

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Escape the Winter Funk

With a couple more months of winter left to go, you may find yourself feeling sluggish, sleepy, unproductive or just a bit down. If you want to curl up and hibernate until the tulips poke through, here are some things you can do to turn that winter frown upside down.

Look on the Bright Side

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Bring Back the Light in Your Life

With natural light in short supply, it's hard to have that extra hop in your step. We've put together a handful of lighting and décor tips to create an uplifting environment in your home – all designed to take the bite out of the winter blahs.

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Cozy dining room with chandelier, drapes and area rug.

Surround Your Home in Cozy Comfort

If you fancy fuzzy slippers, family dinners, and hot cocoa by the fireplace, these cozy décor tips are for you – just in time for holiday celebrations.

Create Cozy

Eclectic dining room with a chandelier trimmed in branches and mix and match chairs.

Mix and Match for a One-of-a-Kind Style

Do you love old heirlooms mixed with modern decor? If you have a knack for blending contrasting styles, these lighting and design tips will give your eclectic style a lift.

Explore Eclectic

Dining room with silver tablescape and circular chandeliers.

Add a Dash of Winter Glam

If life is one big, sparkling celebration, these glamorous decorating tips can help make your holiday parties the talk of the town.

Go Glamorous

Living room with vibrantly colored décor elements.

Capture Your Home's Vibrant Colors

GE reveal® lighting has the power to change the way you see colors and décor in your home. We've dissected a room to show you exactly what you can expect from clean, beautiful light®.

See It In Action

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Switch and Save: See the Calculations

See how much money you could save by making smart energy efficient LED lighting choices in your home. Put your calculator away; we've done the math for you.

See the Calculations

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Get Photography Lighting Tips

Great advice for the everyday photographer who likes to snap and share pics that make others smile.

Get Photography Lighting Tips

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Welcome the Warmth of Fall into Your Home

Lighting and décor tips to surround your home with the beautiful colors of the season.

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Fun & Functional Lighting Ideas for Kids' Bedrooms

There's play time, sleep time, study time and break time. See how layered lighting in your child's room can accommodate all these occasions in fun and interesting ways.

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Fuel Your Focus

With kids back to school, your family may be struggling a bit to stay awake, keep up with chores, get homework done and stay focused at work. Here are 5 unique ways to fuel your focus.

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Redecorate by Relighting: Fill Your Home with LED Replacement Bulbs

LED replacement bulbs feature warm, soft, dimmable light and instant full brightness in familiar bulb shapes and sizes. They're a brilliant choice for enhancing every space throughout your home.

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Party Pointers

Party Pointers for Spicing Up and Lighting Up Your Celebration

Add zest to your celebrations with these simple tips, from creating a theme to lighting ideas.

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Outdoor Lighting Patio and Veranda

Enjoy more time on your small veranda or patio with these city living lighting and design tips.

Don't give up on your deck! Even if you live in the city or just have a small deck or patio, you can still create a cozy ambience and more livable space with these fun and easy tips for placing outdoor lighting, furniture, plants and accessories in the right places.

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5 Ways

5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Space with Lighting and More

Give your great outdoors a great makeover with these 5 easy ways to spruce up everything from the smallest patio to the largest backyard.

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