Why on Earth Are GE reveal Light Bulbs Blue?

GE reveal® bulbs are made with a mineral from the earth. It's this special mineral that creates the bluish tint you see and helps make colors look vibrant. Here's the science behind the beauty.

Ingot of the element Neodymium.    

Made From the Earth

Neodymium, a rare earth mineral element, is infused into the glass of GE reveal® bulbs. Neodymium gives the glass a bluish tint (enhanced white light), creating a color spectrum that's as similar to The Sun's as possible.

Fun Fact: Neodymium was discovered in Austria in 1885 when Carl F. Auer von Welsbach separated didymium. The element is a component of misch metal, a pyrophoric alloy for lighter flints.

Color wheel.    

How Colors Are Enhanced

An ordinary bulb produces an excessive amount of yellow in the color spectrum. The Neodymium glass in reveal® bulbs filters out most of that yellowish haze, making colors like violet, blue, green, and red more vibrant.

Incandescent to LED-GE reveal light bulbs.    

The Evolution of GE reveal®

The demand for reveal® has continued to grow over time. That's why GE has continually innovated, taking the bulbs from traditional incandescent to today's ultra-efficient LED technology. With GE reveal® LEDs, you get clean, beautiful light®, long-life and up to 75% energy savings versus incandescent reveal® bulbs. Plus, they're dimmable, instantly bright, and available in shapes/sizes for nearly every fixture.