Top Five Places to Update the Lighting Around Your House

A young woman looking at her table lamp.

The nesting phenomenon – the preference to spend more time at home – is seemingly here to stay. When combined with the rise in those who work from home, it means light bulbs are staying on longer. Let's take a short tour through five prime spots in your home that are begging for an energy-efficient lighting upgrade.

A modern kitchen with well lit pendant lamps and recessed lights.    

We begin where all roads meet: in the kitchen.

The instinct to spend more time at home and the foodie revolution intersect in the kitchen, one of the most heavily used rooms in many homes. Kitchens often have overhead lighting, including track lights, recessed lighting and enclosed ceiling fixtures. Since these lights stay on the longest, we suggest making the switch to long-lasting bulbs like LEDs or CFLs.

A cozy family room with warm soft lights.    

The favorite room for hanging with the fam.

The family room or rec room is the place where people come together to enjoy a little chill time. Lighting in this high-use space should create a kind of cozy warmth, perfect for kicking back and relaxing. Traditionally, soft white incandescent bulbs were the choice for creating this effect. Good news: There are now soft white LEDs that deliver all the cozy comfort without the energy costs.

A bright child's bedroom with table lamps and ceiling fixtures.    

Next up: kid rooms.

Parents can remind kids a thousand times, but they still forget to turn off the lights when they leave their bedroom. And that's why kid rooms are #3 on our list for making the upgrade to energy-efficient lighting. Start with the primary light source – a ceiling fixture, table lamp or floor lamp – and then move to task lights like desk lamps. And don't forget the closet!

A front view of a home with many outdoor halogen floodlights.    

Heading outdoors.

During the summer in the northern hemisphere, there's an average of about 12 hours of daylight. That leaves you with outdoor lights blazing for 12 hours or more. And outdoor lighting plays a big role in safety and security. They can be as effective as a neighborhood watch group, and they don't require coffee. The answer: dependable, energy-efficient halogen floodlights that last seven years or longer.

A view of an open home layout with recessed lighting.    

Finally, the easily forgotten areas.

Hard-to-reach fixtures like track and recessed lighting are prime candidates for the update to longer lasting, energy-efficient options. More often than not, you need a ladder to change these bulbs. When you switch to advanced LED lighting, you won't have to make the climb for up 22.8 years (at an average of three hours use per day), all while saving money on energy.

Not convinced? Check out the LED Energy Savings Calculator and see how much you can save.

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