Smart Solutions for Your Smart Home

Whether it's slimming down spending, reducing your environmental footprint or just making life easier, the home of the future will increasingly adapt to your wants and needs without hassle. Already on the market: Thermostats that automatically adjust and save energy based on your behavior, egg trays that monitor if your eggs are still fresh, even door locks and security systems controlled via your mobile device.

In fact, USA Today recently reported that Home Depot now stocks nearly 60 gadgets that can be controlled by mobile devices.* Part of Home Depot's extensive line up is GE's latest lighting innovation: GE Link LED light bulbs. Under $15, this energy-efficient bulb lets you turn your lights on and off via your mobile device. Enabled by the new free Wink app, Link eliminates the need for expensive add-ons typically associated with connected devices, making it an easy and cost-effective way for you to light up your smart home.

If you know your kids are infamous for leaving the lights on – no problem. Just tap into your app and turn off any fixture with a Link bulb. Or, if you want to make sure your home is safe and secure while you're out of town, turn on your indoor and outdoor lighting to give the appearance that someone is home.

Check out GE Link LED light bulbs. Indoor and outdoor lighting options are coming to stores soon – now available for pre-order at