Spring Fun Facts to Feed Your Brain

An illustration of a human brain surrounded by thought bubbles and images related to spring.
Spring is here! If you're trying to get motivated to declutter, redecorate or spring clean, open the windows and breathe in these fun facts to get you up and running.

Image with half light and half darkness. The first day of spring is called the vernal equinox. ‘Vernal' is Latin for spring while ‘equinox' is Latin for ‘equal night' because everywhere on the Earth the hours of daylight and night are almost equal.

Image of houseplants near a window with bright light. During spring, Earth's axis tilts toward the sun, increasing the number of daylight hours and bringing warmer weather in the Northern Hemisphere.

Image of tulips. The first spring flowers are typically daffodils, crocus, lilies, tulips, iris and lilacs.

Image of flowering tree. Buds on trees are actually formed during the summer months for the following year. Each spring, the scales fall off the bud and the leaves, stems and flowers open up and grow.

Image of woman loading dishwasher. The earliest known use of the term “spring cleaning” was in 1857.

Image of woman cleaning a door frame, with the following spring cleaning tip: Let gravity help you along by cleaning rooms from top to bottom. Start by dusting ceiling fans and light fixtures, then the crown molding, work your way down the walls, over the furniture, all the way to the baseboards and flooring.

Image of a chair – half of the image shows standard incandescent light and half shows GE reveal lighting. GE reveal® bulbs filter out dull, yellow rays and give your décor a fresh, clean look – a great way to highlight all your spring cleaning efforts.

Image of an outdoor patio. You'll be spending more time outdoors, so be sure to give your outdoor lighting fixtures a good, clean shine. A typical house has nine outdoor fixtures. If you updated all nine with energy-efficient GE LED light bulbs, you could save $68.30 in annual energy costs.

Calculations based on replacing 75W incandescent PAR38 outdoor floodlights with 12W LED PAR38 outdoor floodlights, using the bulb 3 hours/day at an electricity rate of $0.11kWh.

Image of a woman and child playing in the sun. Spring fever isn't just a saying. Experts say the body's makeup changes due to different diets, hormone production and temperature.

Image of a duckling. Many animals like cows, ducks and birds, have their babies in spring.