8 Amazing Facts About Daylight Saving Time

Sure we lose an hour, but we gain so much more every time we transition into daylight saving time. The stats show we save energy. And, those of us farther from the equator get to enjoy more daylight.

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Icon of Ben Franklin.

Ben Franklin

Originally came up with the concept, so we could enjoy more daylight.

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World War I

Germany kicked off the daylight saving phenomenon to save coal for the war effort.

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U.S. Adoption

In 1918, federal law standardized the yearly start and end of daylight saving time for states that where up for it.

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World War II

The U.S. government made daylight saving time mandatory for the whole union – again to preserve wartime resources.

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Arab Oil Embargo

In 1973-74, the U.S. extended daylight saving time through the winter, resulting in a 1% decrease in the electricity load.

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Extended Daylight Saving

We permanently added four weeks to daylight saving time in 2008 to cut energy spending.

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Non-Observers of DST

The great states of Arizona and Hawaii do not observe daylight saving time.

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Parents with Young Kids

Many dread time changes because the shift messes with the delicate balance of their child's sleep cycle.