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Light Meets Rain: The Recipe for Rainbows

To celebrate spring, a little uplifting video featuring the great wonder of rainbows. All it takes is a little rain and a dash of sunshine to give us a taste of nature's ultimate beauty.

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Spring Fun Facts to Feed Your Brain

If your brain's been hibernating all winter, clean out the rust with these fun facts about spring.

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8 Amazing Facts About Daylight Saving Time

Daylight savings time starts again on March 8. Before we move the clocks forward, we wanted to know: why do we do this anyway? Who started the whole daylight saving phenomenon? Does it make a difference in our lives? These burning questions answered, along with a handful of other fun insights.

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Quiz: What Kind of Decorator Are You?

Are you always on the lookout for the latest trends? Do you have an eye for décor that has staying power? Or are you somewhere in the middle? Here's a short quiz to find out!

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Quiz: How Afraid of the Dark Are You?

Does the dark thrill you or scare you? Take our quiz to find out your level of fear.

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Amazing Lighting Facts

Do you know how many light bulb sockets are in the typical American home? Or how many pumpkins you could buy with the money you save with energy efficient lighting? Find out and dazzle your friends and family with your brilliance.

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Pop Quiz: Put on Your Thinking Cap

Now that the kids are back in the school groove, we thought we'd send you back to the classroom too. Ready to prove you're at the top of your lighting class? Take our pop quiz to find out!

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Do You Have the Lowdown on LEDs?

LED light bulbs have made quite a name for themselves. But how much do you really know about them and what makes energy-efficient LED lighting a great choice? Take our 5-question quiz to find out!

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Night Drive

Five Memorable Ways That Lighting Has Forever Changed Our World

From the wonders of nighttime driving to well-lit hallways, we haven't been the same since the dawn of electric lights.

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Reveal the true entertainer

Reveal the True Entertainer in You

Are you a beer, brats and bonfire kind of host or a chic class-it-up entertainer? Take our 5-question quiz to find out!

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Dazzle us with your outdoor lighting knowledge!

Are you in the dark about outdoor lighting or are you a bright pupil? Take our short and fun 5-question quiz to find out!

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