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2015 Trend Watch: Spring Edition

As spring arrives, the world outside transforms right before our very eyes. Is your home ready to reflect the fresh sights of the season? Here's what's popular this year to help reawaken your décor after a long, dark, cold winter.

Refresh Your Décor

Upcycle Everyday Items Into Extraordinary Light Fixtures

As Mother Nature reinvents herself, here are some fun DIY projects we've spotted to help you reimagine your home lighting fixtures.

Start Reinventing

Spring Fun Facts to Feed Your Brain

If your brain's been hibernating all winter, clean out the rust with these fun facts about spring.

Fill Your Noggin

Thumbnail of infographic with statistics on extended daylight saving time and LED usage.

How to Make the Most of Daylight Saving Time

In 2007, legislation went into effect that extended daylight saving time for a total of four weeks each year. We checked the math: This historic change is responsible for amazing energy savings. One of the other easiest ways to make a difference is upgrading to LED light bulbs. Together, these two energy savers really add up to a win, win.

See the Saving

Thumbnail of illustration with six avatars representing people that enjoy various hobbies or activities.

Light What You Love To Do

Whether you like to curl up with a good book, refurbish old furniture or pump some iron, the right lighting can help you make the most of your favorite activities. Lighting has the amazing power to fuel your focus, highlight fine details, and make things look more inviting. Plus, you can do it all while cutting your energy spending thanks to GE's ultra-efficient LED lighting.

Get the Right Light

Thumbnail image featuring a variety of icons representing ideas associated with daylight saving time trivia.

8 Amazing Facts About Daylight Saving Time

Daylight savings time starts again on March 8. Before we move the clocks forward, we wanted to know: why do we do this anyway? Who started the whole daylight saving phenomenon? Does it make a difference in our lives? These burning questions answered, along with a handful of other fun insights.

Feed Your Brain