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Reveal the true entertainer

Reveal the True Entertainer in You

Are you a beer, brats and bonfire kind of host or a chic class-it-up entertainer? Take our 5-question quiz to find out!

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Party Pointers

Party Pointers for Spicing Up and Lighting Up Your Celebration

Add zest to your celebrations with these simple tips, from creating a theme to lighting ideas.

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Smart Solutions

Smart Solutions for Your Smart Home

Transform the way you interact with your home with a range of handy hassle-free gadgets, including the new mobile-controlled GE Link LED light bulb.

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Dazzle us with your outdoor lighting knowledge!

Are you in the dark about outdoor lighting or are you a bright pupil? Take our short and fun 5-question quiz to find out!

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Outdoor Lighting Patio and Veranda

Enjoy more time on your small veranda or patio with these city living lighting and design tips.

Don't give up on your deck! Even if you live in the city or just have a small deck or patio, you can still create a cozy ambience and more livable space with these fun and easy tips for placing outdoor lighting, furniture, plants and accessories in the right places.

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Outdoor Lighting Patio and Veranda

Urban outdoor spaces with beautiful lighting.

Add a little charm to your favorite hangout, with inspiration from these urban decks and patios.

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