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Make a Splash with Current Trends

This year's style includes fresh color palettes, artistic details, a surprising blend of textures and unique light fixtures. Whether you go all in with the hottest styles or subtly feature them in your décor, this series of tips is for anyone who wants to create on-trend spaces with ease.

Explore 2015 Décor Trends

Experience the Power of GE reveal

2015 is the year of rich colors, accents and patterns. So it's also the year for GE reveal®. No other light bulb brings out the vibrancy of your décor landscape like these light bulbs. Discover the many ways GE reveal® light brings your home to life.

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Quiz: What Kind of Decorator Are You?

Are you always on the lookout for the latest trends? Do you have an eye for décor that has staying power? Or are you somewhere in the middle? Here's a short quiz to find out!

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Escape the Winter Funk

With a couple more months of winter left to go, you may find yourself feeling sluggish, sleepy, unproductive or just a bit down. If you want to curl up and hibernate until the tulips poke through, here are some things you can do to turn that winter frown upside down.

Look on the Bright Side

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Bring Back the Light in Your Life

With natural light in short supply, it's hard to have that extra hop in your step. We've put together a handful of lighting and décor tips to create an uplifting environment in your home – all designed to take the bite out of the winter blahs.

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Light Thoughts

A short, sweet video we'd like to share to brighten up your winter day.

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