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Cozy dining room with chandelier, drapes and area rug.

Surround Your Home in Cozy Comfort

If you fancy fuzzy slippers, family dinners, and hot cocoa by the fireplace, these cozy décor tips are for you – just in time for holiday celebrations.

Create Cozy

Eclectic dining room with a chandelier trimmed in branches and mix and match chairs.

Mix and Match for a One-of-a-Kind Style

Do you love old heirlooms mixed with modern decor? If you have a knack for blending contrasting styles, these lighting and design tips will give your eclectic style a lift.

Explore Eclectic

Dining room with silver tablescape and circular chandeliers.

Add a Dash of Winter Glam

If life is one big, sparkling celebration, these glamorous decorating tips can help make your holiday parties the talk of the town.

Go Glamorous

Living room with vibrantly colored décor elements.

Capture Your Home's Vibrant Colors

GE reveal® lighting has the power to change the way you see colors and décor in your home. We've dissected a room to show you exactly what you can expect from clean, beautiful light®.

See It In Action

Close-up of a GE reveal<sup>®</sup> light bulb.

Why on Earth Are GE reveal® Light Bulbs Blue?

GE reveal® bulbs are ideal for enhancing décor and architectural accent features in your home. Have you ever wondered how they produce such clean, beautiful light®? The blue hue is the secret.

Uncover the Secret of reveal

Diamond patterned throw pillow on an armchair.

Not Just a Bulb, a Room Makeover

Punch up your décor landscape and solve a few of life's little problems. Who knew one little light bulb could do so much?

Experience the Power of reveal