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Living room with vibrantly colored décor elements.

Capture Your Home's Vibrant Colors

GE reveal® lighting has the power to change the way you see colors and décor in your home. We've dissected a room to show you exactly what you can expect from clean, beautiful light®.

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Close-up of a GE reveal<sup>®</sup> light bulb.

Why on Earth Are GE reveal® Light Bulbs Blue?

GE reveal® bulbs are ideal for enhancing décor and architectural accent features in your home. Have you ever wondered how they produce such clean, beautiful light®? The blue hue is the secret.

Uncover the Secret of reveal

Diamond patterned throw pillow on an armchair.

Not Just a Bulb, a Room Makeover

Punch up your décor landscape and solve a few of life's little problems. Who knew one little light bulb could do so much?

Experience the Power of reveal

A hand emerging from the ground on the screen of a vintage television set.

Quiz: How Afraid of the Dark Are You?

Does the dark thrill you or scare you? Take our quiz to find out your level of fear.

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Side by side infographic of a light bulb with callouts.

Energy Suckers vs. Energy Savers

GE LED bulbs are designed to use much less energy and save money versus traditional 60-watt incandescent bulbs. This side by side comparison shows you how.

See the Comparison

A partial house, whole house and whole block with dollar figures.

Switch and Save: See the Calculations

See how much money you could save by making smart energy efficient LED lighting choices in your home. Put your calculator away; we've done the math for you.

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