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Find the Light That's Right for Your Life

Lighting and the right décor touches have the power to set the mood that's perfect for your lifestyle – whether you're up and at ‘em or the kind of person that likes to relax and chill.

Tricks to Set the Mood

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Light Meets Rain: The Recipe for Rainbows

To celebrate spring, a little uplifting video featuring the great wonder of rainbows. All it takes is a little rain and a dash of sunshine to give us a taste of nature's ultimate beauty.

Watch, Smile and Share

2015 Trend Watch: Spring Edition

As spring arrives, the world outside transforms right before our very eyes. Is your home ready to reflect the fresh sights of the season? Here's what's popular this year to help reawaken your décor after a long, dark, cold winter.

Refresh Your Décor

Upcycle Everyday Items Into Extraordinary Light Fixtures

As Mother Nature reinvents herself, here are some fun DIY projects we've spotted to help you reimagine your home lighting fixtures.

Start Reinventing

Spring Fun Facts to Feed Your Brain

If your brain's been hibernating all winter, clean out the rust with these fun facts about spring.

Fill Your Noggin