Not Just a Bulb, a Room Makeover

GE reveal® lighting offers clean, beautiful light that makes everything look it's best – truly the icing on the cake of the décor landscape. These are just a few ways that GE reveal® bulbs can help you see your world differently. And solve a few of life little problems.
Photos are enhanced to dramatize the difference in color.

Walk-in closet.
Patterns and colors are more distinctive – no more mixing up blues, grays and blacks when searching through your closet.

Kitchen with wood cabinets.
All the amazing patterns within wood grain stand out. So, your hard wood floor or paneling transforms from a surface into a showpiece.

Bedroom with a white color scheme.
Whites look clean and fresh. Plus, punches of color really stand out, highlighting special décor accents.

Diamond patterned throw pillow on an armchair.
The distinctive patterns in upholstery and décor come to the forefront instead of blending into the background.

Close up of a woman's face, wearing red lipstick.
Is that crimson or candy apple? See the vibrant colors in makeup as you create your signature look.