Lighting & Décor Trends for 2015: Back to Nature

One of the décor trends moving into 2015 focuses on bringing nature's beauty into our homes. No matter what's your style, the natural world offers endless possibilities. Water, stone, metal, earthy materials – these are just a few of the elements to inspire your home lighting and décor.
Curvy metal hanging light fixture.

Old-world charm meets whimsical curvy design. This versatile fixture blends well with antique furnishings or modern design schemes. Try GE general purpose LED for warm, soft light.

Three wrought iron hanging pendant light fixtures.         Multiple hanging white light fixtures designed to look like bird cages.
This wrought iron pendant lighting trio creates an attractive décor accent while also providing a layer of cozy illumination. GE crystal clear incandescent candle bulbs are a great choice.         Super creative, these birdcage fixtures are a lovely way to add a playful yet graceful fixture into the mix. For extra flair, try GE reveal® globe bulbs to make colors and patterns in the room pop.

A wrought iron chandelier light fixture.         A rustic outdoor lantern light fixture.
This black wrought iron chandelier works well with classic décor schemes or modern designs. Consider long-life GE LED candle bulbs for these types of hard-to-reach, multi-bulb fixtures.         This rustic outdoor lantern makes a stylish statement the minute guests arrive at your doorstep – another great opportunity to use GE LED candles, and a particularly smart upgrade as we move into that time of year with less daylight.