2015 Trend Watch: Spring Edition

Image montage with five photos, including: 1. Metallics: Image of copper-colored pendants 2. Textured Ceramics: Image of white ceramic spheres in a living room landscape 3. Chunky Knits: Image of a bedroom with a heavy knit bedspread 4. Watercolors: Floral arrangement and a pillow on couch featuring a watercolor floral print 5. Color Pop: A blue armchair within a predominately grey and silver, neutral room landscape.
You've been dreaming of spring. It's finally here, so jump right into this season of rebirth by breathing new life into your home. Metallic lighting fixtures, floral watercolors and chunky fabrics are just a few of the fresh, fun ways you can liven up your décor.
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Metallics: Two image montage featuring a variety of metallic light fixtures and décor accents.

Squeaky Clean, Shiny Metallic

Spring cleaning is on everyone's agenda. Be sure to also polish up your décor with metallic lighting fixtures, picture frames, cabinet handles or end tables. Gold adds glamour, silver adds sophistication and brass adds bold beauty. Plus, reflective surfaces are a great way to extend light within a space.

Chunky Knits: Image of a bedroom with a heavy knit bedspread.

Weave Spring into Your Space

This is perhaps our favorite new idea. Texture is a huge 2015 décor trend and goes beyond wallpaper and ceramics. Chunky knit floor pillows or blankets in spring colors add a surprising and dynamic element, while keeping things soft and cozy.

Textured Ceramics: Three image montage of white ceramic décor accents in various décor landscapes.

Ceramics with a Twist

Unusual, hand-painted and textured ceramics are everywhere this spring—from flea markets to art galleries to your favorite boutiques. With so many one-of-a-kind styles, you can easily be on-trend while staying true to your personal style.

Watercolors: Two image montage with a floral arrangement, along with pillows and drapes featuring a watercolor floral print.

The Wonder of Watercolors

We all know that April showers bring May flowers. It's no wonder that floral watercolor designs are showing up this spring. Use wall art, window treatments or lamp shades to convey the soft, airy feel of spring. Display fresh-cut, fragrant flowers to bring it all together.

Color Pop: Two image montage with a few brightly colored décor accents within neutral room landscapes.

Give Neutrals New Life

The great thing about neutral décor is how easily you can layer it with seasonal colors. This spring, bring your landscape to life with splashes of bright hues. Any little thing will do; small accents against large backdrops of white, gray or beige will really pop and add visual interest.