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2015 Trend Watch: Spring Edition

As spring arrives, the world outside transforms right before our very eyes. Is your home ready to reflect the fresh sights of the season? Here's what's popular this year to help reawaken your décor after a long, dark, cold winter.

Refresh Your Décor

Experience the Power of GE reveal

2015 is the year of rich colors, accents and patterns. So it's also the year for GE reveal®. No other light bulb brings out the vibrancy of your décor landscape like these light bulbs. Discover the many ways GE reveal® light brings your home to life.

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Thumbnail image of video screen with the headline: “Light Thoughts”.

Light Thoughts

A short, sweet video we'd like to share to brighten up your winter day.

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Diamond patterned throw pillow on an armchair.

Not Just a Bulb, a Room Makeover

Punch up your décor landscape and solve a few of life's little problems. Who knew one little light bulb could do so much?

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Curvy metal hanging light fixture.

Lighting & Décor Trends for 2015: Back to Nature

One of the décor trends moving into 2015 focuses on bringing nature's beauty into our homes. No matter what's your style, the natural world offers endless possibilities for lighting and décor.

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Outdoor Lighting Patio and Veranda

Urban outdoor spaces with beautiful lighting.

Add a little charm to your favorite hangout, with inspiration from these urban decks and patios.

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Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting Around Town

Take a look at these stunning photographs of inspired home illumination.

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