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Energy Savings Calculator

Energy Savings Calculator

Energy efficient light bulbs can save you money and help protect the environment.
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Explore Our New Light Bulb Packaging

Explore Our New Packaging

See how GE's new packaging makes it easier to understand your lighting choices.
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Light Bulb Legislation

Lighting Legislation

New efficiency standards mean we're changing the way we light our world for the better.
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Re-Energized by Design

Re-Energized by Design Lighting Showcase

Re-Energized by Design Judge Marty Riemer makes his home's lighting more efficient and functional than ever with help from PSE lighting expert Joel Smith and new LED and CFL bulbs.

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ENERGY STAR® Pledge and FAQs

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Join the millions of people pledging to make a big difference by taking small steps to save energy.
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FAQ's - Lighting Information


Is it more energy-efficient to turn a lamp off or leave it on? Learn this and more in our lighting FAQs.
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