Saving Money Has Never Been So Beautiful

GE LED reveal Lighting With GE LED reveal® light bulbs, you can switch on the true beauty of life's spaces and the people within them. The clean, beautiful light™ brings out vibrant colors and patterns that normally go unnoticed under standard incandescent light sources. And with energy-efficient, long-lasting technology, our LED reveal® bulbs can brighten energy savings as well as your home.

To demonstrate the beautifying effects of reveal® light bulbs, we tracked down a diverse group of individuals whose life, craft or work requires the best lighting possible and gave them a quick and easy lighting makeover. We then gathered the participants together over dinner so they can share their excitement on the impact reveal® bulbs had on their respective environments. Watch the video here. Below, you can read firsthand accounts from bloggers who switched to the clean, beautiful® light of reveal® bulbs.

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Before And After reveal®

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My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia

It's amazing what a fresh coat of paint & the right lighting can do to update the look of a room. Kristin did just that with the help of GE reveal® bulbs to freshen up her boys' bedroom. My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia

Lovely Crafty Home

“The minute I turned them on, I could not believe the difference! The GE reveal® bulbs give me a much truer light to work with.” – Rachael, Lovely Crafty Home Lovely Crafty Home

Cute Kid, Ugly House

Allie from Cute Kid, Ugly House was skeptical about the difference in quality of the GE Reveal bulbs, but the light was all the proof she needed! Cute Kid, Ugly House

OH, I design

Jessica was quite impressed by the difference GE Reveal® made in her home. She admits, “I love how bright white it makes everything instead of the dull, yellow of the before!” Check out Jessica's before and after photos for some inspiration for your own quick and easy makeover! OH, I design

Inside-Out Design

“I love how all the colors in the art and even the white of the lamp bases now look true to life- they don't have a bluish or yellowish cast to them like before.” – Brooke, Inside-Out Design Inside-Out Design

Life After Laundry

“Not only did changing to the GE Reveal® Bulb help bring clarity to my quilting work, but it did a lot to help the appearance of my craft area. The room appears larger, and the whiter light makes it a happier more pleasant working space. It's amazing the difference a little (the right) light can make.” – Brenna, Life After Laundry Life After Laundry

iHeart Motherhood

Jessica instantly noticed a difference in her children's bathroom when she flipped the switch to turn on her new GE reveal® bulbs for the first time. Check out her amazing results at iHeart-Motherhood blog. iHeart Motherhood

IE Mommy

After switching out the bulb her reading lamp to a GE reveal® LED bulb, Lindsey immediately noticed a difference. According to Lindsey, “the pages of my book jumped out at me whiter and easier to read.” Check out Lindsey's before and after photos at the IE Mommy. IE Mommy

House Made Home

Tyesha usually never takes photos inside her home at night because of the yellow lighting, but now thanks to the GE reveal® bulbs she is embracing night time shots! The before and after photos of Tyesha's dining room are tremendous! Read the review & check out her photos at House Made Home. House Made Home

Closet of Free Samples

Closet of Free Samples

After some initial doubt, Ashley installed her GE reveal® Halogen bulbs in her hallway and dining area and was amazed by the improved light in her home. Rather than soft yellow looking light, Ashley's hallway now displays what appears to be daylight shining through. To read more about Ashley's experience visit Closet of Free Samples

Beauty Gala

Beauty Gala

According to Rebecca, “as a photographer, lighting is single-handedly the most important aspect of a photograph.” She also understands the importance of lighting when applying makeup. Thanks to GE reveal® bulbs, Rebecca says goodbye to dull, yellow lighting and hello to gorgeous, clear lighting that is true to color in her favorite spot in her home, her vanity. To read more about Rebecca's lighting makeover, visit Beauty Gala

Shoes Off Please

Shoes Off Please

Gilit admits she is “genuinely enthusiastic about the results” of her GE reveal® lighting makeover. After seeing the initial results, she went on to complete additional makeovers throughout her home. Gilit now plans to replace all of the light bulbs in her home to the pleasant, natural look of GE reveal®. Read more about Gilit's makeover at Shoes Off, Please