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GE reveal® presents: A Tastemaker Show & Tell on How Lighting Affects Their Craft

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Infographic 1: A Revolution in Lighting

Not sure how LEDs work, what types of lighting quality is available or what LED even stands for? In this super easy-to-read infographic, we break down the technology, the lighting quality, and even include some science behind how an LED can save your household energy and money! With GE LEDs, your home can be filled with beautiful warm light.

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Download the LED Infographic
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Learn more about GE LED bulbs

GE-Lighting-LED-A-Line-135x172.jpg GE-Lighting-LED-BR30-135x172.jpg GE-Lighting-LED-Candle-135x172.jpg
LED A-Line Bulb LED BR30 Bulb LED Candle Bulb

Infographic 2: Which Soft White Option Is Best for You?

Here we break down how both LEDs and today's incandescent light bulbs provide warm, soft white light you love. You will also find tips as to which bulb is best for every fixture in your home.

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Soft White Incandescent A-19 Bulb Soft White LED A-19 Bulb

Infographic 3: reveal®

It's amazing the impact that light can have on your décor. Changing an ordinary bulb to a GE reveal® bulb can make a difference in any room. GE reveal® bulbs make colors pop and wood grain more inviting. With GE reveal® bulbs, you can bring your home to life with a variety of lighting options. Find out how a room makeover can be done with just a switch of a bulb!

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Download the reveal® Infographic
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GE-Lighting-reveal-Incandescent-135x172.jpg GE-Lighting-reveal-LED-135x172.jpg GE-Lighting-reveal-Long-Life-135x172.jpg
GE reveal® Today's Incandescent GE reveal® LED GE reveal® Long Life Incandescent


Learn how GE's LED bulbs can save you money compared to traditional bulbs while providing soft, warm light.

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GE Lighting Logos

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GE Lighting Logos - Large

1. GE Logo – Blue 2. GE Logo – Green 3. GE Logo – Grey
4. GE Logo – Orange 5. GE Logo – Purple 6. GE Logo – Red
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GE Lighting Logos - Small

1. GE Logo – Blue – Small 2. GE Logo – Green – Small 3. GE Logo – Grey – Small 4. GE Logo – Orange – Small 5. GE Logo – Purple – Small 6. GE Logo – Red – Small

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GE reveal® Logo – Large

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