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GE reveal Presents: A Tastemaker Show & Tell on How Lighting Affects Their Craft

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Tastemaker Bios

GE Lighting Reveal Interior Designer Solomon

Image Link:

GE Lighting Reveal Makeup Artist Stephanie

Image Link:
Solomon Mansoor 
Solomon Mansoor's years participating in the London underground scene and producing legendary pop-up warehouse clubs in Los Angeles during the 80's gave him the experience and vision of how to maximize a space with design and lighting. Today, Solomon owns his own design firm, Straight Design, and is an award-winning interior and lighting designer. He received the America Institute for Architecture's award for Best Lounge/Nightclub in America and both the People's Choice award and the AIA jury award. His clients include the historical Roosevelt Lofts, Binions Hotel Las Vegas, The Salvage Bar, Trump Towers Hawaii as well as private residences. 

Stephanie Navarro 
Stephanie grew up in Chicago and at a young age was constantly involved in the art scene -taking classes in drawing, sculpting and printmaking, which instilled in her a love for her ultimate passion: make-up design. After doing makeup on her first film at 15, Stephanie fell in love with becoming a make-up artist. She moved to Los Angeles seven years ago to pursue her craft. Since then, her freelance career has taken her on feature films, television and commercial work. Her work includes The Bachelor, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, plus various commercials for Disney, Subway and Audi.


GE Lighting Reveal Fashion Designer Andrea

Image Link:

GE Lighting Reveal Chef Pace

Image Link:
Andrea Spratt 
Growing up both abroad and in Washington D.C., Andrea Spratt got her start in fashion by making costumes for a circus troupe called Clan Destino. From there, Andrea's popularity grew and her designs developed a strong cult following. Eventually this enabled her to leave her day job and pursue her passion full-time as an independent fashion designer. Andrea currently designs her own fashion line out of her store Kucoon Designs in Los Angeles. Her line focuses on clothes that are comfortable yet unique, designed for those "with an adventurous spirit that crave clothes that suit their busy lifestyle as well as allowing them to express their individualism.” 

Pace Webb
Diagnosed with colon cancer at the age of 17, Pace Webb was forced to reevaluate what she put in her body. Now, cancer-free with a fresh lease on life, she is one of the most sought-after chefs on the Los Angeles food scene. Her catering company, Taste of Pace, is renowned for their monthly underground, invite-only Supper Club as well as being tapped to cater high-end celebrity and charity events for clients like the Breast Cancer Fund, Charlie Sheen, Shepard Fairey, and Acura. She pens her own blog, and contributes to various food and lifestyle magazines. Pace created her company to focus on wellness, new creative food combinations and most importantly, rich joie de vivre!


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Press Release

For Immediate Release

Makeover any room with GE reveal's innovative beautiful clean light – now available at Target just in time for the holidays and New Year!

We all know the holidays and the new years are the perfect time to consider a makeover. Did you know the quickest and easiest way to makeover your home for the holidays is with good lighting?

You'll be amazed at how GE reveal® bulbs replace yellow, dingy lighting with crisp white light that makes colors and patterns pop, transforming homes from ordinary to extraordinary with just the flip of a switch. And GE's new and innovative reveal® LEDs offer the same aesthetic benefits as the rest of the GE reveal® brand plus energy-efficient technology that allows them to last over a decade, based on three hours of usage a day.

To see how quick and easy a reveal® lighting makeover can be, watch this fun and stylish new video GE Lighting created featuring four hip West-Coast tastemakers who depend on the best lighting possible for their craft, as they complete a GE reveal® makeover and share their authentic experience. Learn more about our experts and their lighting transformations. Watch the video here.

Save on GE reveal® at Target!
Not only are GE reveal® LED bulbs available at Target, but there you can find great prices and savings on all GE reveal® solutions. Target's Cartwheel App provides savings for in-store purchases of GE reveal® (as well as many of the other items you'll likely need in the upcoming months!).

Simply download Target's money-saving Cartwheel app, (available on Apple IOS here and Android here ), select GE reveal® (and any other savings you need) and head to your local Target for great deals!

As new energy-efficiency standards are set to take place January 1, 2014, consumers can choose among GE reveal® halogen, CFL, and LED bulbs in addition to GE Lighting's other energy-efficient options.

About GE Lighting
GE is proud to continue its long tradition of innovation in lighting and hopes you enjoy your new lighting experience with clean beautiful light of GE reveal® bulbs. For more information, please visit GE reveal®.


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Before & After Photos

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Interior Design - Before & After
Image Link:
reveal<sup>®</sup> Interior Design Before & After

Makeup Studio - Before & After
Image Link:
reveal<sup>®</sup> Makeup Artist Before & After

Fashion Design - Before & After
Image Link:
reveal<sup>®</sup> Fashion Design Before & After

Chef - Before & After
Image Link:
reveal<sup>®</sup> Chef Before & After

Full Room - Before & After
Image Link:
reveal<sup>®</sup> Full Room Lighting Before & After

Home Office - Before & After
Image Link:
reveal<sup>®</sup> Home Office Lighting Before & After

Kitchen - Before & After
Image Link:
reveal<sup>®</sup> Kitchen Lighting Before & After

Mondern Living Room - Before & After
Image Link:
reveal<sup>®</sup> Modern Living Room Lighting Before & After

Orange Living Room - Before & After
Image Link:
reveal<sup>®</sup> Orange Living Room Lighting Before & After

Before reveal® bulb
Image Link:

After reveal® bulb
Image Link:

Before reveal<sup>®</sup> bulb After reveal<sup>®</sup> bulb

GE reveal® Before and After Comparison
Image Link:

GE reveal<sup>®</sup> Before and After Comparison

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Bulb & Packaging Images

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reveal® 75-watt Halogen bulb
reveal® 75-watt Halogen packaging
reveal<sup>®</sup> 75-watt Halogen bulb

reveal<sup>®</sup> 75-watt Halogen package

reveal® A19 replacement LED bulb
reveal® A19 replacement LED packaging


reveal® BR30 65W replacement LED bulb
reveal® BR30 65W replacement LED packaging
GE Lighting Reveal LED BR30 65W Replacement Bulb

GE Lighting Reveal LED BR30 65W Replacement Packaging

reveal® 60-watt LED vs. 75-watt Halogen
reveal<sup>®</sup> 60-watt LED vs. 75-watt Halogen

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