GE Infographics Media Program

Thank you for agreeing to participate in the GE infographics media program. For legal reasons, please read this letter and, if you understand and accept the following points, sign where indicated below and submit.

In return for your agreement to participate, we will provide you with an assortment of GE bulbs for you to experience. We will also provide, at our discretion, other assets such as infographic assets, photography, product shots, feature specifications, and viral video.

In return for the product and assets, you will:

  • Publish a minimum of one blog post that features at least one infographic
  • Express your opinion why good lighting is important in your home and/or work environment
  • Post link to GE Lighting

In order to ensure that you comply with Federal Trade Commission's Guidelines for media outlets, you agree to include in all of your relevant blog postings a conspicuous disclosure (not at the bottom) stating that you received the product/assets free of charge from GE Lighting.

If you are in agreement with the requirements set forth above; please indicate your agreement by checking the box below.

Consumer Legal Agreement — Blogger Information

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