BR Williams Trucking

Office Lighting

GE's T5 fluorescent high bay fixtures deliver a turnkey lighting solution to BR Williams Trucking Inc., with estimated monthly energy-cost savings that exceed the monthly financing payment.


Oxford, AL see on map


Date: 2013

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Our Customer

BR Williams Trucking Inc. is a trucking, warehousing and logistics company based in Oxford, Ala. Noting safety as its No. 1 goal, BR Williams recognized it needed much brighter light in warehouse spaces due to the nature of employees' work. Additionally, BR Williams pursued a turnkey lighting retrofit solution that included project financing while seeking to decrease its overall energy expenditures.

The Expectation

Looking to improve energy efficiency at three of its distribution facilities, BR Williams turned to GE's Lighting business and GE Capital to shine more efficient light on 1.2 million square feet of warehouse space and help finance its lighting upgrade.

Our Solution

Along with Birmingham, Ala.-based lighting distributor Mayer Electric Supply, GE offered BR Williams a professional lighting analysis, products, labor and financing. The lighting retrofit involved the removal of 400-watt metal halide fixtures and installation of more efficient four-and six-lamp T5 fluorescent high bay lighting fixtures and GE UltraStart® programmed-start electronic ballasts. Rugged construction provides long life and reliable performance, combined with a range of optical and mounting options to provide light where it is needed.

Results & Benefits

After seeing the results of the lighting audit conducted by Mayer Electric, the economics of the retrofit became clear, according to Gregory D. Brown, chairman of the board of BR Williams:

“The program has been a lot better than I'd expected. The product technology is very impressive. We realized we needed much brighter light in some areas because of the nature of the work, and our employees are very pleased now.”

Additionally, the project cost totaled $316,000—financed entirely by GE Capital—which will be recouped in about two years as a result of the energy saved. With a three-year financing term, BR Williams' loan payment is less than its anticipated monthly energy savings, creating a positive cash flow project from day one.

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