New Organization Structure

We are pleased to announce our new sales organization structure. This structure was put in place specifically to provide strong local support for our manufacturer's representatives. Within each Region and District, we have aligned Fixture Area Manager's (FAMs), or Area Managers (AMs) in some markets, with our agents. In most cases, these individuals will support three or fewer agents, enabling them to work closely with their assigned agents to drive our mutual sales growth. Their responsibilities will include local product and process training, joint sales calls, coordination with the local GE sales team, and ultimately making GE your preferred fixture line. If you have not connected with your assigned FAM/AM, you should expect to shortly. Please contact your District Manager, Region Manager or Jim Bracken at (216) 266-8929 if you have any questions.

New GM, Canada Professional Solutions

Effective immediately, Derek Publicover transitions out of Sales Operations and is promoted to the role of GM, Canada Professional Solutions. Derek will be responsible for leading the Professional Solutions P&L in Canada, driving sales growth across our core lamp products and fixtures. Derek will report directly to Jaime Irick, GM, North American Professional Solutions.

Welcome Alla Woodson

Effective January 13th, 2014, Alla K. Woodson succeeded Derek Publicover in leading the North America Sales Operations in her new extended role as GM, North America Commercial Services & NPS Sales Operations. In this role, Alla continues her current North America Pricing and Customer Service leadership responsibilities for both Professional and Consumer channels, while adding Sales Operations oversight. Alla reports to Jaime Irick, GM, North America Professional Solutions and to Maryrose Sylvester, President & CEO, GE Lighting as a member of Maryrose's extended staff.

A Message from Brant Snead, North America Customer Service Leader

Good day our valued Agent partners! To create a consistent and excellent service experience for our customers and partners, effective February 3rd, 2014, we transformed GE Lighting's North America Professional Solutions Commercial Services and Pricing teams. To keep you well informed and comfortable with the changes, we have called each Agent to review the details of our transformation and answer any questions you may have. If you did not receive the call, please be sure to contact us at 1-888-694-3533.

Customer Service Organization Update:

Providing world-class support to our Agent network is critical to our mutual growth and success in 2014 and beyond. We are combining the currently separate Professional Core and Professional Solutions customer service teams under one NA National Customer Service Organization.

During the handover calls, we introduced to you the new team members, shared an overview of what each will be responsible for, reviewed the service level expectations and handled your questions. You should have also received an individualized email following the call. The email contained a contact sheet showing the name and photo of your dedicated Agent Support Representative, his/her back-up and all other necessary contact information. Please let us know if you did not receive the e-mail and we will re-send the information.

Below are the specific areas to be handled by the ASR team members effective February 3rd, 2014:
  • Melissa Saltz - Canada, except for Quebec
  • Amal Harik - Quebec, Canada
  • Stephanie Giles - Northeast & Tennessee
  • Vanessa Sykes - East
  • Gail Heeke - Midwest
  • Krista Wright - Central
  • Libby Redden - Southeast
  • Amal Harik - Southwest
  • Donna Redmond - Northwest
  • Doug Campbell - West
  • Greg Hatten
  • Jo Freeman (SENIOR ASR) - Grainger
  • Doug Campbell - Signage
Pricing Organization Update:

We have created a unified and focused Professional Pricing Organization under the leadership of Leanne Berry as the Pricing Leader, Professional Core & Solutions. Leanne will supervise and guide the work of the Core (Lamp and Ballast) Pricing team led by Greg Valeri and the Professional Solutions Pricing team led by Jeff Irish. Jeff and his team comprised of four dedicated Pricing Specialists will support our Agents. The team is located at Nela Park in Cleveland, OH and consists of Rav Mohapatra, Lindsey Wolfe, Therese Kish, and a fourth specialist to be named in the near future. Each Solutions Pricing Specialist will have specific territories assigned to them and will have responsibility for quotes over $10K. Below are the regions/areas to be handled by each Pricing team member effective February 3rd, 2014.
  • Terry Kish - Northeast, East, Southeast, Southwest, Export
  • Rav Mohapatra - Canada, Grainger, Utility
  • Lindsey Wolfe - Specialty, Midwest, Central, Northwest, West
Our ultimate commitment is to provide pricing quote responses within 4 to maximum 8 business hours from the initial request. It will take us a few weeks to ensure this service level consistently as we are upgrading our processes and systems to better serve you in the future. Customer Connect remains the preferred channel for quote requests, as the request will be automatically directed to the right party and will help you save time. If a quote over $10K needs to be accelerated, please notify your Agent Support Representative (ASR) directly via phone or email.

Quotes less than $10K will continue to be handled through Customer Connect. Your newly assigned Agent Support Representatives (ASR) on the customer service team will be responsible for these quotations. If you are unable to use Customer Connect standard feature due to NO-CATs, additional comments or any other special circumstances, or if a quote needs to be accelerated, please notify your ASR directly via phone or email.

During the transition, our priority is to ensure consistent service levels. We ask for your patience, but also for your open feedback, as we provide coaching to new members of the team. Please feel free to contact Jeff Irish directly at with your valued input.

We hope that you will feel a tangible improvement in our service and responsiveness very soon. Please provide your valuable feedback to myself, Brant Snead (e-mail; cell phone 804-334-6000).

Thank you for your support and being a GE Lighting business partner!