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Product information

A wide range of LED Reflector options to replace standard Incandescent & Halogen R63 (or PAR20) lamps, providing significant energy and cost savings. The range offers extra long life of up to 50,000 hours for a true ‘fit-&-forget' solution, as well as dimming to add an extra dimension to a superb product range


LED R63 Reflectors offer fantastic energy savings vs traditional lamps and are perfect for long-burn areas in commercial, hospitality and residential applications. Together with the greater beam control possible with LED Reflectors, these are ideal replacements for standard incandescent or halogen lamps for accent, display or general lighting applications providing an accurate, focused beam with minimal wasted, extraneous light.

Specification Features

• Dimmable 10%~100%
• 2700K & 3000K
• 20 & 35 degree beam angles
• Up to 50,000h life hours
• 300-330 Lumens on R63
• E14 & E27 caps
• 220-240V with power factor of 0.8
• Complete range with CRI >80 and 5-step MacAdam colour consistency
• Operating temperature: -20°C to +40°C

Specification summary

Description LED7DR63S/827/20/E27 LED7DR63S/827/35/E27 LED7DR63S/830/20/E27 LED7DR63S/830/35/E27
Wattage [W] 7 7 7 7
Base E27 E27 E27 E27
CCT 2700 2700 3000 3000
Lumen [Lm] 300 300 330 330
Candela 1900 830 2000 850
Beam Angle [°] 20 35 20 35
CRI [ra] 80 80 80 80
Life (L70/B50) 50000 50000 50000 50000
Life (B50) 50000 50000 50000 50000
PF 0.80 0.80 0.80 0.80
Switch Cycles 25000 25000 25000 25000
CCT Steps 5 5 5 5
Pack Qty 1/8 1/8 1/8 1/8

Operation and maintenance

Lumen maintenance at rated life
>70% lumen maintenance by 90% of R50 lamps at 25,000 hours
>70% lumen maintenance by 90% of R63 lamps at 50,000 hours

Operation and maintenance
• Suitable for use in open and recessed fixtures (not closed) with 10mm air gap
• Store and use the lamps the same way as halogen lamps.
• Suitable for voltage fluctuations of +/- 10%
• Switch off mains supply before installing/removing lamp.
• Dimmable on leading edge TRIAC dimmers.
• Safe on Dimmers, Photo- and Timer-circuits
• Ambient temperature range -20° C to 40°C


Type Base Lmax Length [mm] Dmax Diameter [mm]
R63 E27 82.9 50.2

LED Dimming compatibility

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