Imagine it. Light it. Control it.

With energy savings and environmental performance leading today's lighting charge, control means so much more than a simple “on” or “off.” Control means having the ability to light harvest a 105-story high-rise. To have illumination where and when you need it, and the flexibility to conserve when you don't. At GE, control means having the capability to find a solution to any problem. And if that solution doesn't exist, to invent it.

IEC Electromagnetic Ballast & Control Gear for High Intensity Discharge Lamps

Our range of ballast and control gear for HID lamps are quality tested products with a full voltage range offering making them ideal for many industrial, public building and flood lighting installations.

CWA Electromagnetic Ballast & Control Gear for HID Lamp

Our special design provides stable power output making this range the ideal choice for high line voltage fluctuation area's.

Electronic Ballast for T5 Linear Fluorescent Lamps

High performance electronic ballasts with high power factors and great thermal performance makes our selection of T5 ballasts ideal for major lighting installations across a range of application area's. 

Ballast for plug-in Compact Fluorescent Lamps maximize the efficiency of these energy saving products

Offering stable power output, low loss and available in a compact size, our range of electronic / electromagnetic ballast for plug-in CFL bring the most out of our non-integrated CFL range.

Electronic Ballast for High Intensity Discharge Lamps

Available in miniature, economic or standard designs, our range of electronic ballasts for HID lamps are quality tested and deliver energy savings compared to standard magnetic control gear.

Ballast for T8/T10/LFL

Our range of ballast for T8 or T10 Linear fluorescent lamps have a high power factor and low THD and designed for high frequency operation with flicker free for increased lighting comfort.

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