HID Ignitor

Interactive multi-pulse design, ignite both HPS and MH Lamp, series connection.


  • Interactive multi-pulse design to guarantee lamp start
  • Ignite both HPS and MH Lamp
  • Series connection, safe design by preventing harm to ballast during ignition
  • MaX case temperature: 105 ℃
  • MSI series
  • MSI 400, for ballast wattage <=400W;
  • MSI 1000, for ballast wattage<=1000W;
  • MSI/L serie:Long Distance Ignitor
  • MSI 400/L, for ballast wattage <=400W;
  • MSI 1000/L, for ballast wattage<=1000W;

Certifications & Regulations

  • CQC, CE
  • Safety: IEC 61347-2-1, IEC 61347-1

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