GE Lighting Showroom - Madrid

The new showroom will be available for all those professionals who wish to know the last trends in lighting and GE's new products. Focused on energetic efficiency, this space will become the best display of the brand, which clearly bets on LED technology and on high output lamps that reduce costs in consumption and maintenance in professional lighting as well as in domestic.

The space is divided in different creative spaces, each one according to the specific applications that each light source offers. The lighting designer will be able to be inspired by the different atmospheres set at this highly interactive place.

According to the Ecomagination product philosophy, which is in constant search for developing efficient products, GE Lighting introduces in its new showroom new fittings and streetlighting as well as lamps. Especially interesting are the areas created with LED solutions.
Among the latest new products in Streetlighting lamps, the most outstanding range is the Streetwise CMH, the efficient alternative to the present solutions in street light as the VSAP and Standard CMH for outdoor applications. It offers a very white light of high quality that improves and enhances urban environment and reduces energetic and maintenance costs.