GE China Lighting Institute - Shanghai

Consistent with GE Lighting's vision that is to lead the global revolution to deliver innovative solutions that change the way people light – and think about- their world, the GE Lighting Institute will act as a platform to strengthen interactions among industry specifiers, customers and end-users. The Lighting Institute will also provide opportunities to showcase our innovative products within specific application areas and routinely engage students from Fu Dan University to nurture future talents within the lighting industry as part of the joint illuminating learning center initiative. 

The formation of this Lighting Institute shows our long-standing commitment in the China market. The creation of the Lighting Institute is a great step forward in realizing future expectations and strengthening our connection and interaction among customers, industry specifiers, and end users.

The GE China Lighting Institute is an extension of our renowned Lighting Institute at GE Lighting's global headquarters at Nela Park in Cleveland, Ohio, both designed to in line with GE Lighting's vision for leading the future of lighting.

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