GE Lighting China - Shenhua Lamp Factory

GE Lighting China Shenhua plant is a subsidiary of the GE Appliance and Lighting Business, producing incandescent lamps, EEH lamps, clear bulbs and coils.


Shenhua plant is located in shanghai, which is the largest centre of commerce and finance within mainland China, and has been described as the "showpiece" of the world's fastest-growing major economy. 

We have approximately 1400 people employed, all working to support the business and always willing to serve our customers. 

The major markets are North America and China



  • Established in June, 1994 as a joint venture between GE and Jiabao
  • At the start of the joint venture GE owned 65% and Jiabao the remaining 35%
  • After a restructure in January, 1997, GE now owned 88.46% of the factory compared to Jiabao with 11.54%
  • GE assumed full ownership in July, 2005


  • Global Star
  • Health Ahead certified
  • ISO 9001 certified

Our Products

Incandescent Product
  • A19, A15 E-Coated
  • R30, BM, GC, CAM
Halogen Product
  • A19 EEH E-Coated

Contact Us

GE Lighting China Shenhua Plant
No. 88 Lane 1517 Huyi Rd., Shanghai, China

Phone : +86-21-6995-5198

Plant Manager:     Lv Genbao :