Tetra Signage Design Tool

This tool is to provide a recommended material estimate for the type and quantity of Tetra® Signage LED products based on the application and information that you provide in the selectable fields.

If you need additional help using this tool or have comments for improvements, please send an email to Tetra® Support.

Instructions for Channel Letters

  1. Select desired font, letter height, depth of letter, Tetra® LED module, and Tetra® power supply under the “Letters” tab.
  2. Type in the letters of the letter set in the box that has “LED Wizard” in it and hit the “Populate” button.
  3. The populated letter set will be displayed below. Alter the power supplies (PS) as needed by selecting the “One PS/Letter”, “Optimal PS”, and/or “Add PS”buttons.

Instructions for Cabinet Signs

  1. Fill in desired Cabinet Width, Height, Depth, Tetra® LED module, and Tetra® power supply.
  2. Select the box next to “Double Sided” if the cabinet is to be a double sided cabinet. Select the “Vertical” option if the modules are to run vertically, or the “Horizontal” option if the product is to run horizontally.
  3. Click the “Populate” button to show the desired cabinet with the Tetra® LED product showed laid out.
    • The “Summary” Tab shows a breakdown/BOM of the Tetra® products in each letter/cabinet populated.
    • The “Excel” Tab is an estimation form showing the breakdown/BOM of Tetra® that can be printed or saved of the population completed.

Next Steps

Provide Tetra® Signage Design Tool BOM to your local GE Tetra® signage distributor for quotation. Click the “Where to Buy” link above to find your local GE Tetra® signage distributor.


  1. THE GRAPHICS ARE FOR REFERENCE ONLY and should not be used for commercial quotation or bid without validation. The material estimates for Tetra® LED Systems are based upon our engineering standards and by the information put into the tool by the customer.
  2. LED MODULE PLACEMENT AND QUANTITY IS AN APPROXIMATION ONLY. The sign manufacturer must verify module placement and quantity to ensure even illumination and appropriate intensity. This tool cannot predict all aspects and details of your particular application.
  3. Final material quantities for estimation purposes and construction are the responsibility of the sign OEM.
  4. All signs should be tested as complete units (including correct Tetra® power supply) before installation for acceptable color, illumination, intensity and functionality.
  5. For detailed information and instructions, please refer to the applicable Tetra® product.