Postobón upgrades its operations by adopting GE's LED illumination

LED Technology

  • With round 226 installed luminaires in Postobón factory, situated in Malambo city in the Atlantic, GE integrated its design, energy savings and light quality.
  • Prostbón's production plant, responsible for supplying largely the Caribbean Region of the country and the export markets of the company, will have a 57% reduction on their energy lighting consumption thus to GE's technology.

Bogotá, september 2013 - Postobón launches a new plant in Malambo city and to open it with style they opted to light the space with the latest LED technology. The illumination system goes with the world tendency in search of sustainable and energetically efficient solutions, offering grater benefits for the business and the city, especially in terms of energy supplies. ”It was essential for us to have a brand that could ensure excellent product quality and this is precisely what GE Lighting gave us. We needed to upgrade the factory's illumination system and, undoubtedly, the manufacturing, finishing and end result that GE gave us were significant for the company”, ensured Carlos Andrés Medina, Services Engineer in the National division of equipment and mounting at Postobón.


Bogota, Colombia see on map


Date: 2014

GE Lighting as an eco-friendly solutions generator

The illumination proyect for Postobón's production plant was design under a pre-existent model of conventional illumination, which ment significant challenges in terms of adaptation to LED technology. Moreover, the plant counts now with all the benefits this kind of illumination represents such us a significant energy economy, an increase in the visual comfort and a greater photometric performance of luminaires, ensuring greater uniformity in light spaces, provided power densities and energy efficiency charge, among others.

To mount this illumination system for the Factory were required 226 LED luminaires, which guarantee an energy economy of 57%. Among the areas of the plant were the project took place are those of automobile and truck parking, free areas and wastewater treatment areas as well; these places count now with luminaires such us Cobrahead R150 Roadway from ERMC product line, o 157w and 95w and Evolve LED Area Light from EAMM product line of 152w and 202w.

The reffered Cobrahead luminaires were used at crosswalks, traffic and administrative areas, where is often used a photometric type similar to street lighting. Likewise, the Evolve LED Area Lights were implemented in open spaces and big areas such as car parks, tank areas or treatment plants.

“In Colombia, we worry on contributing with the country's technology development, which must go together with sustainable growth. The LED sophisticated design and technology system is ideal for clients like Pstobón where energetically efficient solutions are the key to transform the plan energy savings into reinvestments for the plant”, declares Mariela Mijares, GE Lighting's General Manager in Venezuela, Colombia & Ecuador.

Malambo's Plant in Numbers

In relation with LED luminaires implementation in Prostobón's production industrial plant, were reinvested 120 thousand dollars, which is about 240 Colombian pesos, although they had done a sale of an additional $ 15,000 sale of T5 tubes and ballasts, which are high performance teams used for indoor lighting. In what refers to LED technology implementation, GE offered a competitive price which means the investment return will not exceed two year.

Before starting with the Project a photometric proposal took place were they identified the charges resulting in a significant reduction in the number of luminaires, diminishing both the use of energy and equipment needed for the installation.

Among the lighting benefits, the LED technology has a color rate reproduction of a 70% versus 22% of traditional Sodium lamps, improving visual objects identification. In what has to do with the system's maintenance, LED lighting has a long rated life of approximately 100 thousand hours operation, which ensures lamps and ballasts will not need replacement for a long time.
A solution as a product of a strategic alliance.

In this project GE Lighting worked alongside its commercial partner Lumen S.A.S. in Colombia, a company that been taking part in many strategic lighting projects in the country for 25 years now. “Postobón's Engineer department asked us to present an innovative project about GE's LED external lighting products, in which we based de lighting design. We exceeded the expectations of uniformity and visual impact of the plant, which now has a more pleasant and safer environment for employees”, declared Luis Miguel González Londoño, Lumen S.A.S.'s General Manager.
Regarding energy efficiency, it was guaranteed that luminance power and density were under RETILAP established parameters. Likewise, this technology doesn't generate any environmental impact, lowering the plants energy production, which are considered huge CO₂ releasers. 

About Malambo 

Malambo's city is situated over Magdalena's River. It is part of the metropolitan area of Barranquilla and has reached to become one of the most important centers for industrial factories installation. It has around 190.000 inhabitants from which 96% correspond to urban residents and only 3% rest are dedicated to field's work and other sectors. In the factory installed in the city, about ten percent of the plant costs are energetic, which represents a significant savings and demonstrates Postobón and GE Lighting's commitment for generating systems that meet the regulatory requirements of lighting.

Project Technical File: 

  • Project's name: Postobón Malambo Plant.
  • Client: Postobón
  • Place: Malambo, Barranquilla.
  • Architect: Postobón's mouting and equipment engineer Carlos Andrés Medina Zarama, GE: Project, design, commercial and specialized team. 
  • Developer: Carlos Andrés Medina Zarama, Postobón's mounting and equipment engineer.
  • Illumination advisor: Lumen S.A.S.
  • Luminaires Type: LED
  • Total area: 49,800 m2.
  • Investment: 120 thousand dollars, about 240 million Colombian pesos and an additional sale of 15 thousand dollars in T5 tubes and ballasts.
  • Year: 2012.
"In early August, we approved the 2014 investment project, which will allow us to install 7,000 units of the 6-watt GU10 LED lamps” said Ruiz. 

GE Lighting has six global excellence centers dedicated to developing the technology to illuminate the future and allow its clients to change the way they light their world.

"In Peru, the adoption of LED products is increasing,” said Maria Fernanda Locarnini, General Manager for the Southern Cone, GE Lighting. “Companies are realizing the importance of LEDs, because its saves energy, money, and is more durable and ecological.” 

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