T8 Polylux XLR LongLast - G13 Cap

Product information

In today's business environment there is an increased need for lighting products that are helping to minimize operation costs and also providing environmentally responsible design.
GE's new T8 Polylux XLR™ Long Life range was designed to further improve reliability and drastically increase life performance without compromising on other key features of the product, such as initial lumen and lumen maintenance.


GE T8 Polylux XLR™ Long Life Range is an ideal choice for applications with high maintenance costs:

  • Store lighting
  • Warehouse lighting
  • Industrial lighting
  • Public buildings and areas

Product Benefits

  • Very long and reliable product life up to 42,000 hours
  • Comprehensive product range 36W, 58W and 70W
  • Light output is same as for standard T8 Polylux XLR™ - best in class performance
  • Excellent lumen maintenance
  • Outstanding color rendering through the advanced XLRTM coating technology
  • Environmentally friendly product
    - ROHS compliant & contains recyclable components
  • Can be used on existing control gears and fixtures

Basic Data

Wattage [W] Length [mm] Diameter [mm] Base Initial Lumen (at 25°C) [lm] Colour Type CCT [K] CRI [Ra] Rated Average Life (3-hr cycle) [h] Pack Qty
18 604 26 G13 1350 Warm White 3000 85 24,000 25
18 604 26 G13 1350 Cool White 4000 85 24,000 25
36 1,200 26 G13 3350 Warm White 3000 85 24,000 25
36 1,200 26 G13 3350 Cool White 4000 85 24,000 25
58 1,500 26 G13 5200 Warm White 3000 85 24,000 25
58 1,500 26 G13 5200 Cool White 4000 85 24,000 25

GE's environment conscious approach

For safer lamp disposal GE has invested heavily in reducing mercury content across all of its fluorescent lamp range:

  • Mercury content is less than 5 mg
  • Below any existing or proposed European legislation on dose level
All lamp components can be recycled at the end of life. Blue cap for easy identification of old and new lamps when replacing the old tubes into the Take Care System box. Re-usable packaging means GE Take Care System. No extra packaging requirements
  • Less risk of pollution or injury due to breakage
  • Easier handling and transportation for lamps to be recycled or disposed of

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