LED MR16 Direccional 6W y 7W, Base GU5.3

LED MR16 Directional 6W & 7W, GU5.3 Base

Another step in the evolution of LED MR16 lamps, a combination of energy savings, lifespan and wide range of options in a product aesthetically built according to the new lighting trends.

Features & Benefits

  • High efficiency
  • Up to 580 lumens
  • Replaces 35W and 50W halogens
  • Color temperature of 3000 K and 4000 K
  • L70 Lifespan - 25,000 h
  • Low Voltage 12V
  • No IR or UV emission
  • Not dimmable


  • Iluminación de acento, resaltando objetos y la armonización de ambientes
  • Iluminación de escaparates y tiendas
  • Iluminación General en Hoteles y Restaurantes
  • Comercios
  • Iluminación Residencial


GE MR16 LED products have the following common features:

  • Lifespan (L70) of 25,000 hours
  • Power factor> 0.85
  • IRC > 80
  • Operating Temperature -20ºC to +40ºC



LED6/MR16 Ø 50mm 47,5mm
LED7/MR16 Ø 50mm 48,0mm

Weight (grams)

Operation & Maintenance Information

  • Disconnect power before installing or removing the lamp.
  • Verify that fixture is wired properly as detailed in the installation instructions provided.
  • Ambient temperature range for operation -20ºC to +40ºC.
  • Do not use in fully enclosed luminaires.
  • Do not use in photocell and timer circuits.

Spectral Distribution


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