LED Deco P45 4,5W

LED Decorative P45

The new series of GE's Decorative LED lamps offers excellent performance, improved aesthetic quality and high reliability. Some of its characteristics include: accordance with IEC standards, lifetime of 15,000 operating hours and wide applicability, this tends to make your product more highly desired.

Application Areas

This range of Decorative Lamps offers fantastic energy savings vs. traditional lamps and is perfect for high quality lighting applications, providing a perfect combination of beauty and efficiency.

  • General Lighting in Hotel and Restaurant
  • Decorative Lighting
  • Residential General Lighting


  • 4.5W – 25W equivalent 
  • 15,000 hours Lifetime (L70)
  • High Efficiency, up to 78 lm / W
  • Input voltage of 100-240 V
  • No transformer required!
  • Not dimmable


GE's Deco LED P45 products provide the following common features:
  • 15,000 hours Lifetime (L70)
  • Power Factor > 0.40
  • IRC > 80

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