Lucalox XO Superlife Tubular Clear

Product information

Lucalox™ XO Superlife lamps comprise a sodium discharge system operating at a high pressure within a ceramic arc tube which is mounted in an outer glass bulb. These lamps offer outstanding luminous efficacy, lumen maintenance thus reducing energy and maintenance costs. All lamps have two arc tubes. The second arc tube will instantly light after a momentary power interruption. Arc tubes are Monolithic construction for 50-400W lamps.

Application areas

These lamps can operate in outdoor and industrial applications, such as bridges, tunnels, roadway, floodlighting, industrial interior illumination and any “hard to reach” areas. Easy replacement of standard HPS lamps, fits standard HPS sockets – no new wiring, ballast or fixture are required.


Dual arc tube
GE Lucalox™ XO Superlife lamps feature a dual arc tube design that provides extra long life. The second arc tube also assures that critical lighting applications will instantly relight, even after momentary power outages.

Longest life for reduced maintenance
The twin arc tubes provide up to 60,000 hours life, up to 70% longer than XO HPS lamps. This longer rated life reduces relamping costs by significantly increasing the maintenance interval.

Continous light after power interruption.
The second tube provides light instantly after momentary power interruption increasing to full light output in less than three minutes.

Highly efficient
up to 140 lumens per watt.

Lucalox™ XO Superlife lamps have the following advantages above the standard one:
  • Superb performance and longer life
  • Rugged monolithic arctube, with GE Reliable Starting Technology for higher reliability
  • High Xenon-Fill gas delivers:
    —Higher luminous efficacy,
    —Extra light, up to 17% more lumens than standard without increase in energy consumption
  • More resistant to mains voltage fluctuations
  • Zirconium gettering system for improved lumen maintenance

Basic data

Product Description LU 70/XO/SBY/T/E27 LU 100/XO/SBY/T/E40 LU 150/XO/SBY/T/E40 LU 250/XO/SBY/T/E40 LU 400/XO/SBY/T/E40
Nominal Wattage [W] 70 100 150 250 400
Rated Wattage [W] 76 100 153 263 409
Volts [V] 90 100 100 100 100
Cap E27 E40 E40 E40 E40
Nominal Lumen [lm] 6,600 10,500 17,500 33,000 55,800
Rated Lumen [lm] 6,800 10,510 17,600 33,150 55,880
Rated Lamp Efficacy [lm/W] 90 105 114 125 135
Mercury Content [mg] 19.9 26.6 26.6 46.4 38.3
Rated Average Life [h] 50,000 60,000 60,000 55,000 55,000
Ambient Temperature [°C] 25 25 25 25 25
Bulb Soft Hard Hard Hard Hard
Mass Weight [g] 65 140 145 155 174
Operating Position Universal Universal Universal Universal Universal
Minimum Starting Temperature [°C] -40 -40 -40 -40 -40


Wattage A Length [mm] D Diameter[mm] C LCL [mm] B Arc Gap [mm] Cap Bulb Glass Mass [g] Operating Position Min Starting Temp
70 156 39 102 38 E27 Soft 65 Universal -40°C
100 211 48 132 44 E40/45 Hard 140 Universal -40°C
150 211 48 132 55 E40/45 Hard 155 Universal -40°C
250 261 48 132 65 E40/45 Hard 155 Universal -40°C
400 283 48 175 86 E40/45 Hard 175 Universal -40°C

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