ConstantColor™ CMH AR111

ConstantColor CMH AR111

GE's ConstantColor™ CMH AR111 are an ideal choice for energy-efficient accent and display lighting. The decorative design provides excellent beam control with low glare and superb overall light quality. It is now possible to achieve lighting designs with much lower thermal output than tungsten halogen lamps of similar light output. Now, anyone with critical colour needs can enjoy the excellent savings that ConstantColor™ CMH AR111 lamps provide. ConstantColor™ CMH AR111 lamps offer substantial benefits that make them the clear choice for specification into new stores, or re-lamping existing store fixtures

Application areas


  • Premium colour rendering and consistency
  • Outstanding efficiency and life: 4x better than halogen
  • UV Control
  • Universal burning position on ECG
  • Designed for recessed or track fixtures
  • Twist and lock GX8.5 base for a secure fit
  • Compatible with both electronic and magnetic HID ballasts (thermal protection needed)

Specification summary

Watts [W] Base SKU Description SKU Candela [cd] Beam Angle [°] Colour Operating Position Life* [h] Pack Qty
35 GX8.5 CMH35/R111/UVC/930/GX8.5/SP10 99989 44000 10 930 U 10000 6
35 GX8.5 CMH35/R111/UVC/930/GX8.5/FL24 99990 10000 24 930 U 10000 6
35 GX8.5 CMH35/R111/UVC/930/GX8.5/FL40 99991 5000 40 930 U 10000 6
70 GX8.5 CMH70/R111/UVC/930/GX8.5/SP10 99992 50000 10 930 U (ECG) / V60 (EM) 12000 6
70 GX8.5 CMH70/R111/UVC/930/GX8.5/FL24 99993 18000 24 930 U (ECG) / V60 (EM) 12000 6
70 GX8.5 CMH70/R111/UVC/930/GX8.5/FL40 99994 8500 40 930 U (ECG) / V60 (EM) 12000 6
Note: The specification provides typical characteristics for 35w operating on electronic ballasts and 70w operating from a 50Hz mains sinewave supply
*Initial life claims at launch. Testing in progress to full lamp life
>i>ConstantColor™ CMH AR111 lamps are compatible with a list of approved electronic and conventional 50Hz 230V magnetic choke ballasts. Contact your GE representative for more information


A Maximum Length [mm] B Maximum Diameter [mm] Reflector Operating Position Fixture Rating
95 111 Aluminum Universal Open

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